Windows media player

My media player will not let me burn to a cd & i can’t figure out why? I can rip from a cd.

I cannot imagine being so not-in-a-hurry to use WMP to burn a disc…
Unless I’m mistaken WMP uses the native disc burning software in XP/Vista/7…

You can get free burning applications or free applications that include burning capabilities from any of several sources (search cnet & Filehippo) that work better than either WMP or the native burner.

Personally I use (and actually LIKE) the Roxio burning software that’s bundled with my upper end (but older) HP desktop or the different version but very similar software that was included on the Dells I manage.

You could buy Roxio in the “light” (and older) versions for ~$20 but there are a host of burning apps in the Free-$20Range all of which work better than the native Windows burner that is used by WMP.

what types of files are you going to be burning? CD-Audio or mp3-CDs?


I agree with AllanDeGroot on using WMP or MS native disc burning for burning meaning NOT burning with it.

I’ve had good success with ImgBurn for both Audio CD & data CD.
EAC which IMO is the best ripper of CD’s can also be used to burn Audio CD’s. It requires some learning.
Both these are freeware .

i am burning cd’s can i move my alblums from windows media player to roxio to be able to burn?

No need to move anything.
Whatever CD writing software you are intending to use - simply point it to the folders your music is stored (typically “My Music” or something like that).


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Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY LIKE Windows Media Player 11 for [I]playback[/I], but [B]only[/B] for playback.


We use a combination of FREE programs. CD Ripper and the Free Burner application from KoyoteSoft are very stable and do not have any of the trappings and bloat of Roxio or Nero. We also use Ashampoo Burning Studio since it also is a very good way of making various types of discs. None of these require updating for a fee :slight_smile:
As to WMP-won’t use it for anything by choice. Audio is taken care of by MediaMonkey. Video can be played in Quicktime or WinDVD.