Windows Media Player

I have an interesting problem, at least interesting to me. I have an old “Dell” computer, but my problem is with “Windows Media Player 11”. When I try to play the music I have on my hard drive-no sound comes out, instead I see 4 red stars (next to the song titles) and an error message that something is wrong with the “Media Player”. When I put a CD into the players-again no sound; not ever from the jack on the CD player. But when I print out anything I get the messages about printing and finished printing. What is going one? Is this fixable?:doh:

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

To be sure that is a software issue with media player and nothing related to the operative system (i.e. a faulty or corrupted audio driver), can you run a test with a different software? You can use anyone you like, for example foobar2000 or winamp (both free software).

If also these fails to read your music, then windows media player is not the cause of the problem.