Windows media player

Santa produced a new laptop and after much searching I can’t find how to rip a cd. I have studied help ,which shows a rip icon ,but their is none on my version. Is it hidden , discontinued by microsoft and help ot changed? I have windows 7 installed. If I have to get another programe ,which is the best free.

You have to have the software to rip a cd Win7 only come with burning limited feature package not a ripping program. You will either have to buy or get a free ripping program to do that. What version of Win7 are you using? If you have a lower version of Win7 O/S package then it probably not included as you might now if you go to Win7 site on M$ they if I recall tell you want extra are include in different version of Win7 O/S. If you want more extra and features you have to have Win7 Professional or Ultimate to get more feature. Since I don’t know what you talking about “Studied help” what kinda program is that and how it it related to M$??? I use Foobar to rip my music cd it’s free and I rip them to mp3 and they play fine and burn fine for me back to cda format. If you really want top notch rip and play you have to use EAC to do that.

Thanks for the information. To clarify "studied help’ ,It should have read I studied the help window (?).