Windows Media Player?



My daughter made a slide show,with sound with windows Movie Maker. Is there a way to burn it to CD or DVD to be able to play it on any DVD player? I put it on CD and it works on my computer but opens Windows Media Player and plays in that. I use NERO burning software, WIN XP Pro.


Have you tried it in a stand-alone DVD Player…i have burnt mpeg and avi files onto cd using Nero (using ISO mode) and it will play on my DVD Player (which is not part of my pc).

The disc you burnt probably opens up Windows Media Player because that is the default program that windows uses to play videos etc…

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I tried that it would not open. I checked Properties and the file is a Windows Media Audio/Video file. I think I need a converter to change it to a format that the DVD player will recognize? Or can I put Windows Media Player on the disk to open the slide show? I haven’t figured out how to make a DVD that will work on standalone players yet I’m new to DVDs. I jumped in early with CD recording and felt like I’d been kicked in the teeth with all of the trouble from early software and burners constant coasters. So this time I waited for some of the bugs to work out, now I’m lost.


Ron R have a look at what file type it is! By default Windows Movie Maker saves all it’s projects as ‘MSWMM’ it works in Window Media Player but your DVD player doesn’t recognize that file type. Try and open the project up again in Windows Movie Maker and resave it as a “avi”or “Mpeg” file and try it ! If it still doesn’t work there are programs on the Net that can convert avi files into Mpeg2 or VCD and then your DVD player should play it.