Windows media player will not play cd

My windows media player (also winamp and real one) will not play my audio cd. I get the following message:

Error ID = 0xC00D1197, Condition ID = 0x00000000

I had recently installed a sound card (and I did disable on board sound when I installed it) and thought that was the problem, so I removed it. The problem still persits (now that I think about it I have had it all along). I recently built this computer (my first build). My media player will play music that is stored on my hd, but not cd’s. If I play movies( power dvd) i have sound? I tried to download the on board sound driver for my ecs mobo (l7s7a2) but no luck. With on board sound my keyboard cannot control sound included this just in case it matters), have to do it manually. If I connect my optical drive to my sound card via analog then it plays (meida player does not show up), but when I try to play it through windows it goes through the motions but doesn’t recoginize the drive ( I did what the windows website said regariding fixing the above errror message but it doesn’t work). I am totally stuck and cannot figure out what else to do, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!:confused: :confused: :confused:

Hi there and welcome to the forum.

Tried ticking the default and correct output drivers ?

could you plese be a little more specific, I do not know what you mean by “ticking” (does it mean clicking?). I tried what your attachment showed but not luck. I believe it is a driver problem and cannot seem to load the correct driver (seem not to have any digital sound from my optical drives to my mobo ECS l7s7a2) how do I go about checking the correct input and output drivers?

well I went trought the dreaded windows recovery and 1/2 hour later + some, everything seems to be doing ok. Must of been some kind of driver issue (noticed i am using different wave device) Thx for all your help.