Windows media player w/nero fast burn plug in question




Just wondering if anyone uses this combination for burning mp3 to cda.
I have been using this combination recently to burn mp3’s from my hard drive to a cd-r as audio to play in stereos and whatnot.

I have a question/concern though about the nero plugin. When you go into properties for the nero fast burn plugin, it gives you a recording quality option. Default is letting the program/plugin use ‘best quality’ possible. If you select to choose quality manual it gives you several options. The best quality is rated as 128kbps. I know this isn’t really the best quality as most higher quality mp3’s are 192kbps and above.

The mp3s I am converting/burning to cda are 192kbps. I am wondering if my quality when burning right from mp3 on my drive to cda on a cd-r is degrading since it seems nero fast burn plug in only recognizes up to 128kbps.

Is this the case or am I totally mistaken about this?

Thanks in advance