Windows Media Player - version?

I remember being some hoo haa about wmp v.9 and it controling what you can and cant or sending user info to MS or something.
What version is the most popular these days?

I am using the default v8 with windows - does any1 recommend an upgrade to v.9?

[[I know loads of people like to ues winamp etc for mp3 playing - so do i quite often]]

Also using v8

yes, i admit it: i use wmp9, and i also kinda like it.
the only real problem (well, i hate it…) is the interface appearing/disappearing in full screen mode, which does not cover the frame which then must be resized every time you touch a key or move the mouse, and it is NOT a smooth process :frowning:

Currently using version 9 and have had no problems with it except for the resize thing…see cico’s post above.

Well version 9 is installed here (Windows update), but I never use at (I think it sucks, just like 7 and 8)…

I mainly use 6.4, Winamp and PowerDVD XP for my multimedia needs…

Originally posted by Dee-ehn
I think it sucks, just like 7…
ahahahah!! no way, truly! :slight_smile:

by the sounds of things i think ill give v9 a try

no option for Xine :frowning:

I have switched back to v. 6. No frills; lean, mean and works. What more do you need? :slight_smile:

I use 7.1 if needed. Mininal frills as Philamber says about 6 but not as ugly.
On my machine I stick with Power dvd for video and ati for playing audio files.

Realplay alternative , Quicktime alternative , both come with Classic Windows Media Player , both are freeware and no stinking DRM

i use win dvd for dvds.
I’m quite interested in looks and some frills, so i am going to give v9 a try for defo. (when i get time to dload it - im still on a 56k m/m)

I meanly use RealPlayer and QuickTime. Maybe once in a year that I use Windows Media Player and it’s version 8 I think.

WMP 6.4

Light n nice - does everything u want it to do :slight_smile:

Thats why I like Win2K - no buggy and heavy WMP 9 integrated