Windows Media Player v7

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Windows Media PLayer 7 is out as you probably know. If you are on a dial up connection the following is a link directly to the file: wmp7.exe

This is the…

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why download this if i have already Windows ME on my system ??

By the way Mediaplayer 7 have some great new functions like skins, special buttons etc.

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I’ll stay with Winamp.
Medis Player 7 is way more complicated than it has to be.

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stick with winamp

Media Player 6 was fine, you could load up avi, mpgs etc in no time with it, this just slows down the whole process even with it set to classic skin its not as good. It try’s to be the nest winamp or sonique but fails miserably…

Yes, hellfish has right, WMP7 is very slow!!!

Winamp Rules!!!

Has anyone had a problem uninstalling mp7? When I tried, it said it was uninstalled, but it wasn’t. Had to use cybermedia uninstaller to get it off my system.



One advantage of wmp7 is you can use the wow plugin for movies.

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