Windows Media Player Upgrade?

I am currently using v8 under XP Pro. Are there any compelling reasons to upgrade (or not upgrade) to v9? I remember some talk about drm stuff in v9 that sounded ominous, but, alas, my memory grows dim.

Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.

Allegidly some security updates, minor bugs fixed, and DVD support.

If I remember correctly. the EULA of WMP9 is somewhat fishy… I never really took the time to read it, as I got no point in using that bloated piece of software anyway.

I’m not too sure about this, but AFAIK, WMP9’s standard settings don’t mind the users privacy too much. Upon installing, you can configure the player. Read the different settings carefully!

Originally posted by xtacydima
Allegidly some security updates, minor bugs fixed, and DVD support.

I don’t think it play DVD’s without an extra DVD codec that isn’t included. You have to purchase this or install another DVD playback program that Windows Media can use.

I’m still on 6.4! As Dee-ehn says its a bloated piece of un-needed software. All I use for my media is Power DVD, Unless I’m restoring vinyl, then I use Feurio as I’m tweaking.

Windows Media Player 9 gives Microsoft the right to poke in your filesystems , without using your permission.

Plus you get DRM (Digital Rights Management) absolutely free !

This great piece of software ensures that you don’t share your home made WMA files with others or write multiple audio cd’s using wma files.

Thank you all for your responses. I’m sticking with the version I have.