Windows media player question



ya this is kinda stupid but how do i reset the rating for the files in my library???



right click the file, click rate> unrated

  • ben :slight_smile:


thanx alot dudE!

o and if u can answer this too, how do i make it so its like the winamp thing, where if i minimize it goes to the icon tray place???

but thanx alot again


yeh sure, to to options> preferences

then make sure under “Show Winamp in” that both options are checked

now click close, now when you minimise it will be in the system tray :slight_smile:

  • hope this helps, ben :slight_smile:


haha ben sry i didn’t clearify, i mean in windows media player 10, i know how to do it in winamp :-p sry about that one

thanx thou


i cant find an option in wmp for it - but

that forum has links to programs that can do it