Windows media player problems

i’m using window media player and it’s just showing that there’s no audio CD to rip from, BUT it lets it play and everything


its on a dell laptop

Two things…
2.Dell laptop

Sorry I don’t use/have either one, I do have an Acer lappy…
Anyway(kidding aside), try with EAC, dBpowerAmp, CDex…
Perhaps someone that uses WMP to rip will chime in…Good luck!

I use WMP for playback, but use EAC to do my “extraction” (ripping)
another program to do Compression (mp3 creation) and a third to create/edit id3 tags before WMP sees them.

Is not a good (accurate) ripper.
Does not use the best algorythm for compression
Is an unreliable tag editor (at best)

BUT is a good organizer for on computer playback

It’s primary virtue in most cases it’s a free windows component,
anyone with windows can simply download it right from MS.

My only recommendation is if you are installing things on a PCinstall WMP LAST.

ESPECIALLY If you want to use BOTH VLC and WMP.

I tried three times to install VLC and make it work
and it adding it’s own ini files made ALL my media unplayable
on WMP… installing WMP LAST (after reinstalling everything
including DELETING and recopying my media files from backup)
made things work.