Windows media player problem



hey all,

i am not sure if i am here at the correct place, my appologisch for if i am.

actualy its not just windows media player but every media player i install.

the problem is that the collours are yellow and the movie itself looks likes its zoomed in.

there is no problem with my video card and as far as i know i looked at every option of the media players, i can adjust the colour to normal but everytime i exit the media player and re enter it its yellow again.

and i have no idea how to get the screen itself back to normal size cause i miss the subtitles and all the sides of the movie.

i realy hope i gave enough information so you can figure it out, and i hope i am not to big of a burden to you guys


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

A possibility is that you need to install the proper codec to make WMP working correctly.

My suggestion, however, is to get rid of WMP and use a better player (that doesn’t require any codec installation because it already has all necessary codecs included): VLC player.

It’s free, and there is also the possibility to run it without any installation. Simply download the portable version (the RAR or 7zip archive) and unpack the archive in any folder. It will run without any installation (also from an USB pendrive) :slight_smile:


thanks for the welcome,

i also have vlc and i have GOM player and another few but they have the same problem.

and i’ve been member here before :stuck_out_tongue:

nahi was not banned or anything maybe you remember Uruhara.

thx for trying to help out ^^

hopefully we get the right awnsor :slight_smile:


Probably there is something wrong in the movies then.

Try to run gspot on the movie and verify that there is not a missing codec :slight_smile:


believe me its not the movies /series and i have like 20 diffrent codecs :S

i download my animé from here (legal site)


I can give you only one advise install the latest codes this will solve the porblem.