Windows Media player problem!



I have K-Lite Codec pack installed, plus I have Windows media player 9 installed. Media player Classic (Gabest) and VLC player plays my DVDs fine, but Windows media player is showing strange colors while playing any video DVD, different colors of the rainbow so to speak in horizontal bands. I am giving a screenshot of the prob. I have Windows XP pro, p4 1.7 Ghz, 384MB SDRAM, Philips 105E Monitor, DirectX 9.0c.

The second prob is although VLC and PDVD7 is showing subtitles of movie DVDs, Media player classic is not…I’ve tried changing Output to VRM 7 and 9 and Haali’s…nada…no subtitles!! PLZ PLZ Help, esp. the first Prob.!!


What decoder is wmp using for dvds? Like intervideo, cyberlink, nero, ffdshow, etc? If you dont know you can download this from microsoft and check:

Another idea would be to go to options>performance>advanced… and under dvd video check or uncheck use overlays and see if that helps


Still no use!! :sad: … done both things, here is a screenshot of windows xp decoder checkup ut.


Fellas, plz Help!