Windows media player problem

I am using DVD Decrypter to extract tracks from various music compilation DVDs. Later I will import into Ulead Workshop 2 to make a custom music DVD.
After running the .vob through MPeg Wizard the file which is now Mpeg
will play in ‘Sonic Cine player’ but not in ‘Windows Media player’.
Also when trying to import the files into Ulead Workshop 2 there is an error, I just get a video file with a coloured bars.
The DVDs were easy to copy from the originals using DVD shrink & Nero so they are by no means very well protection encrypted.
The fact that the mpeg files play fine using the Cine player shows they are not corrupt, so why’s it not working with Windows Media player?? :doh:

If I remember right. Cause this happend when I made one of my dvds into a mpeg file. Windows Media Player said “It doesn’t Support this codec”. Best Advice get vlc media player. It is much better.