Windows Media Player Problem

I am running Windows XP Pro SP2 with all updates installed (including WMP10). However, I inadvertently uninstalled WMP10 using “Your uninstaller”. Obviously, this means I no longer can use Windows Media Player. However, I have been unable to reinstall using Add/remove programs, windows components. Worse yet, when I try to access c:\program files\windows media player, I cannot get access to the directory and when I double click on the directory it puts up a dialog asking if I want to reformat my C drive!!!

My idea was to copy the contents of the directory from another PC. However, because I cannot gain access to the directory, this is not possible. Can someone advise me how to reinstall WMP10?


Try WindowsUpdate. Should restore WMP to default easily. If Windowsupdate thinks you already have it installed, I think you can click “installed updates” and select it again. But this is something I just assume.

Download WMP 10 from this link and re-install it…

Thanks for the reposnes. Unfortunately, the main problem is the inability to delete or access the windows media player folder in program files. Without that, WMP10 will not reinstall. I have found a workaround which is that through the command console, I have been able to rename the windows media player folder and this has allowed the installation routine to run successfully. However, it leaves me with a folder in program files which when you click on it, it wants you to reformat your c: drive. I am unable to delete this directory even through the command console. Any ideas?

Possibly the strangest thing ever.

Strange… Are you logged in with Administrator privlidges, or just as a user?

I do not know if any files in said directory are essential to windows, or if windows might complain… but you could try accessing the folder via command prompt
(start->run->type “cmd” and hit enter.)

To get to the windows media folder, at the command promt, type (with quotes):
*when you see [enter] it means to hit the [enter] key, not type “[enter]” :wink:

cd “C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player” [enter]

hit enter, Your prompt should look like the first pic.
Then type:

dir /s /b [enter]
*for info on each command, type “command /?” without quoutes. Example: dir /?

Do you see any file names? (like second pic…although I don’t have WMP 10).

Often you can do [access/delete/rename/overwrite] things (both good and bad) that don’t work in windows explorer. I do not suggest you try to delete/overwrite anything in the WMP folder, as I do not know if: (1) it will work, or (2) will screw up windows even more. You could see if M$ has a offline (stand-alone) installation file for WMP. You could also try to locate a CD (mabey a game or something) that has a WMP installer on it, and try running that.

If WMP is not requires, I would suggest MPC (Media Player Classic, or VLC (Video Lan client). Other players include TCMP, BSPlayer, and Zoom Player.

Links to download the above at

I hope this is of some help.

More good suggestions. However, I had already been using the command prompt to attempt a solution. I have renamed the old windows media player directory to wmp and this has allowed me to reinstall wmp10.

The problem now is that wmp seems to be the equivalent of clicking on an unformated C: drive. I have attached a screen print of the directory information.

OK, my next thought is to backup my drive to ghost and then restore everything except the wmp directory. Anyone got a better idea?

It is very strange.

Just an idea: go to Windows Configuration, uncheck any files that can be associated with WM10. Reboot. For an optimum solution, you may try to clean the registry manually, try to find data associated with the WMA-folder. Reboot. Now, you may try to delete the folder.
It is worth trying before a system restore.

I have a had similar problem with some files I made just not deleting exe,txts ect. It would allways say that they were in use/read only. It wudnt delete them even in safe mode. In the end I had to boot usin cmd and delete them that way.


What is “your installer” is it a 3rd party installation software to windows?

If so, it may be preventing the install as it may only want to install through itself, not through windows add/remove.