Windows Media Player Dark Green screen for video

hi when i play a video on windows media player 10 i get a dark green screen but i have audio. i tried reinstalling divx codec but taht doesnt work. before this never happened when i played a video till now. i dont know how it came to be. any help?

Uninstall DivX and related filters and codec such as ffdshow and nimo/k-lite and reinstall ffdshow only.
Without futher information that’s all I can recommend.

do you also reccommend me delete divxdec_0407.dll from the system 32 file?

Yes, although I’m only guessing your issue which is that you have an old version of ffdshow which tries to decode newer clips resulting in a greenish screen and alot of other filters and codecs which will only cause trouble.

another option is to

  1. goto the run dialog, and enter “mplayer2”
  2. open a file that is displaying green
    //heres where i forget the exacts
  3. goto properties, click advanced - and there is a “decoders” or “filters” tab
  4. select ffdshow, and look at its properties. it is probably selected to display xvid encodes. this should be deselected.

i usually download codec packs on new installs, and then remember about the green video thing, and have to do the above. i get bored looking for all the individual codecs :wink:

Actually not using ffdshow to decode is generally a bad thing since XviD’s own filter is really slow and a bit buggy. The thing with most codec packs is that they install piles of sh*t. Just look at K-Lite, Nimo, Tsunami just to mention a few and I have to admit that they do screw up more than actually work as they’re supposed to.

You only need ffdshow, ac3-filter and ogg-filter!
Keep it simple! :slight_smile:

ffdshow (DivX 4,5,XviD)
DivX 3.11 (DivX 3 and DivX Audio (hacked WMA))
OggDS (“ogg-filter”)
AC3Filter (optional since ffdshow supports AC3)
VSFilter (aka VobSub)
XviD CVS build (VFW compatibility)
Matroska splitter
Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher

I have had more problems with ffdshow, than just installing a hand full of codecs. Though I admit, I have not tried ffdshow since earlier this year.

Is there a specific version/build that is better, or do you folks usually use the latest releases?

im using the ffdshow that was released in 10/24. Its wierd now, sometimes i get the green screen sometimes i dont.

The latest alpha is generally the best, if you get screen screens with recent versions you most likely have a conflicting filter installed.

Thanks for the info. The term “Alpha” confused me a bit, since with software/hardware it usually means pre-beta.

when i play videos in mplayer2 the video doesnt turn out green, but when i play it in windows media player 10 it turns out green.

this green screen is getting really annoying now. after i re-install a codec theres no more green screen problem, but after about 1 day or 2, it comes back again. i’ve tried everything. i run registry mechanic before and after every codec install i do. i installed divx5.2.1, that worked, but the green screen came back, i’ve tried ffdshow same thing happened. I dont know what to do. I get a green screen for all my videos in every video player which includes windows media player, bsplayer, divx player. I need some help :a :a :a :a

Start --> Run --> mplayer2 --> open file which causes a green screen --> File --> Properties --> Advanced --> Filters in use --> Write them down

Basically all videos i play get a green screen even when i play them in mplayer2. right now i dont have any codecs installed except for the windows ones. i played a video in mplayer2 and it gave me a green screen also, but here are the filters in use. default direct sound device, video renderer, windows media audio decoder, windows media source filter.

Hmm… In that case try upgrading your video drivers.

so upgrade the newest nvidia driver.

You DO NOT need to reinstall anything or do anything with windows media player, right click on your desktop go to properties, then settings, then advanced, then troubleshoot, put the slider all the way to none windows media and all other media players will now work perfectly.