Windows media player cd burn

Can any one help?:bow:
My Windows media Player 11 Refuses to acknowledge the DVD orCD burner, neither the media player burner,nor an external burner. It has done so in the past,and will play CDsand DVDs .Any advice please it is driving me crazy:bow::a

I only wanted to make a one song CD. Simple enough. Hadn’t used WMP11 since about November of last year. It always worked well. Today it kept saying, Insert Blank Disk to both the CD and DVD drives.

To make sure it wasn’t the drives being faulty, I made the CD with the old Roxio 8 and it worked. (I just made a DVD slideshow with the old Roxio this past week. I did have to use the Repair option on the Roxio because some of the production elements for editing were missing, still that’s no excuse for WMP11 to not work correctly, is it?).

Then I tried ITunes, and as soon as the disk was burned, WMP11 popped up and played the disk.

Whatever happened to me, might be similar to your experience. It’s just not recognizing the optical drives for burning.

I still plays and rips CDs. And it looks nice, too. LOL.