Windows Media PLayer 9

has anybody used Windows Media PLayer 9? If so, is it any good and is it stable? I ask this because i have a problem with WMP8 on WinXP PRo and am wondering if i should upgrade. I also heard that it was prone to crashing and was very unstable.
Any advice?

i have no experience with wmp9, but lots with wmp8. whats the problem? maybe we can help…

I don’t recommend upgrading to wmp9 tho…
M$ adding more spies into it… :Z
Also wmp9 is only RC yet, not final :slight_smile:
Even if it’s final, I think it will cost a lot of your RAM.
And sure, post your problem, maybe some of us can help you that way! :smiley:

I have anothter topic posted with my problem in it

i got recommended to try Windows Media Player 9 to try and solve it, but im not sure if i should, knowing Microsoft’s bad history with Betas or release candidates

Thanx for replying!

If it’s still only a beta or release candidate from the evil empire, you’d be wise to avoid it like the plague.

Practically nothing that ms releases officially works properly until the first service release or the 2nd edition anyway so heaven help you if you install a beta/release candidate which won’t even be as developed as the initial official bugfest release.

WMP9 isn’t all bad. Installing it fixed a problem where I wasn’t able to play audio CD’s using WMP8/Win XP SP1.

It also hasn’t caused me any major malfunctions (yet). But its overall stability I haven’t completely tested at this time. So far, so good, though. :slight_smile:

try nimo’s codec pack…see if it decides to like u or not

nimo’s codec pack decided to hate me…

care to elaborate?

I know its beta and its from the monopolistic software company but where would we be if not for DOS and Windows! tell me this? i am not a supporter but we have to face the fact that we have built up our games, software and all utilities around microsoft. Paul Allen, Bill Gates got there yachts and lives on this. anyway enuff of that WMP9 was super played much more videos which didnt play for me earlier and the codecs are cool!

if u r worried abt sniffers and spy’s. I suggest use ad-aware and remove the sniffers. Also use JV16 power tools and check ur registry. CAUTION! dont mess around with the registry if u dont know wht u r doing?

or if u can get ur hands on a good firewall u r ok again! SPF, or ZAlarm

maybe i’ll just have to wait for the Full bversion of WMP9. i remember everytime i use MS Beta, my pc screws up on me, such as when i used WinXP PRO Beta. I found that my modem doesn’t work, burner doesn’t work, dvd becomes a cd drive and asically evcerything else was living hell till i went back to win 98

Nimo’s codec pack totally stuffed up my WMP. i think it conflicted with my existing codecs to the point where WMP wouldn’t even open, so i had to find away to reinstall it again. wasted so much of my time, took me ages to find a site that shows you how to do a COMPLETE reinstall of WMP not like add/Remove windows compnents in contro panel

I had no problems with WM8 and update to WMP9. It works fine, haven´t any problem yet and still can play all my media files with it. (avi, DivX, mpeg1/2 mp3 wma/v…even DVD)(i have not a third player, just WMP9 and Power DVD)

I’ve been using WM Player 9 and WM Encoder 9 since the first beta builds became available. There are surely some instable points but they are better than any previous WM version. For most things, I still use certain builds of WM Player 6.4 and other Korean-made players such as Adrenalin, Swan’s, Endorphin, KMP, Sasami, etc., and also Korean-made codec packages such as d’Tomoyo’s UCP 6.10/6.20. Both the latest versions of OGG and WMA/WMV are very cool. I also have the latest DivX, XviD, and ffdshow installed on Windows XP SP1. The user interfaces of WMP and WME seem to get better with every new build as well. The Nimo 5 build 8 was made in August, a bit outdated by now.