Windows media player 9 headache



This is a problem I have just discovered with my windows xp media player 9 , I have a matsonic pc with asus lightscribe dvd rw writer an lg dvd rom media player 9 , power dvd xp version 4 and the full set of slysoft apps , nero 6 reloaded , I threw a dvd into my pc media player loaded after I sected that option , but when it started to play the dvd it started skipping down the chapters on the disc , it did this whether or not the disc was commercial or home recorded, I tried a full xp reinstall , but before activating I tried same scenario , with same result, I reinstalled the wmp9 codecs , no effect, checked dma was on and error correction, still no effect the disc wouldnt play , tried about 20 to be sure it wasnt a media issue, nothing hasbeen done to pc except normal updates , so thinking it might be another microsoft problem I ghost reinstalled to an earlier time , no difference, I tried video files these played ok xvid etc no problem , music was fine too, I then tried power dvd PERFECT playback . went back to wmp9 noticed nero plugin was dancing right to left disabled it just in case no difference , can anyone shed any light please, I would have thought a full clean install would have solved this issue but no , Im not tech enought to reinstall bios and motherboards seems a bit drastic but Im curious as to what is causing this , I also tried upgrades to wmp 10 and 11 no difference same behaviour only with dvd .:bow:


Hi, nice username :wink:

Is there a reason why you must use WMP to play your DVDs?

Many people (including myself) would recommend using other software (you already have PowerDVD, and I personally use VLC).


Microsoft has a utility called DECCHECKsetup.exe which will show you the installed mpeg2 decoders on your computer (necessary for dvd playback) and which one is set as the preferred video decoder. You can also use it to change which one is used.

Found here:

I believe this is for Media Player 10 though, not 9.

This may help you diagnose the problem, though I see no reason why not to use PowerDVD.


hello , I usually use power dvd xp version 4 , I tried version 7 as I wanted to play h264 camera footage and as media player 10 wont play dvds , anyway I went back to my old wmp9 as I preferred the visualisations with music , my desktop is also a picky pc it wont use bang up to date stuff , I bought roxio all manner of stuff and I finally got my pc just how i liked it media player for some taks power dvd and nero for others , I was just somewhat puzzled as to why wmp suddenly developed this problem any ideas? thanks


hi kerry 56 tried that I think many months ago when I was tried power dvd 7 with wmp10 I had bought roxio which demanded I install wmp10 both these I ditched as didnt like them


My best guess, and it is only a guess, is that you are experiencing some codec problems/conflicts. I haven’t looked at Media Player 9 in ages though, so I’m not much help with it.

For H264 playback you can try VLC, which is self contained. I’ve heard some complaints about it using H264, but haven’t experienced them myself. Zoom Player is often recommended, but is not free.

You might also want to try the latest ffdshow tryouts over at Sourceforge: ffdshow is a DirectShow filter and VFW codec recommended for H264 and mp4 xvid playback.


Yeah,you can’t go wrong with VLC or Media Player classic…might want to try the MediaPlayer Classic Home Cinema Edition…
I personally never use WMP for playing DVDs…


Hello everyone and THANK YOU! for all your help its appreciated! I thought Id let you know how ive got on, well pc is in a mess but got some stuff on , I found out nero 6 was the culprit! as soon as I cleaned the thing off my pc the media player played dvd fine , aha! but a nasty turn then ensued:sad: if I put it back the same problem appeared and nero said if you delete your licenses you cant reinstall BAH! so I stripped the pc yet again and installed roxio 2009 as I needed a burning mp2 apps of some sort well surprisingly it actually installed , however then I had media player 10 on by demand of roxio , so bones of it is I can burn cds , the roxio dvd player wont work as it apparently hasnt enough video resources! aham! sign!:disagree: My pc may need a video card, Its got 2gb ram so memory isnt a prob , anyway Ive sort of juggled things a bit , media player 10 plays xvid clips power dvd xp v4 plays dvd roxio handles the burning aand mp3 , I have then got to put pc online patch it , save it with either ghost 2003 or ghost 10 , which is another heache in itself as ghost 10 wont backup bullguard my security suite as it wont back up agnitum drivers , This is why I am so perplexed of late what happened to when media player played dvd as well as virtually everything I threw at it?:iagree: I had a nice pc that PURRED like a kitten , now IOve a hotch potch of software to do the take of one! anyway I will also try vlc player as you suggest once ive saved my labour!:bow: to all of you for your kindness, Ive got power dvd 7 but its a pain with activation needed etc so Ill keep the older outdated one! what do you guys reccon about ffdshow decoder?:clap:


PS! Im Getting a new Vista pc for my birthday this november so I guess I will try roxio on that er …maybe:iagree::disagree:


thanks kerry for your reply , as Ive said Ive cobbled the pc back together in a fashion , its currently capable of burning cd/ and maybe dvd as its doing the latter as I speak , so fingers crossed , I think my issues started when vista came out as the software started being not so compatible with xp as they strived I suspect to wreck xp to force people onto vista , what better way than to make software that no longer does the task it once did and to make extra profit in the bardgain!


[QUOTE=catnip2007;2137213]PS! Im Getting a new Vista pc for my birthday this november so I guess I will try roxio on that er …maybe:iagree::disagree:[/QUOTE]

Nice one. I’ve got Vista (Home Premium 32bit) on this PC, and it works well with all my older software (PSP7, PhotoSuite III, Macromedia Fireworks 8 etc). Using Nero 8, though - soon to install Nero 9.

I know what you mean about a hotch-potch of installs…but if it gets you by til you get your new Vista PC, well that’s something :slight_smile:

And VLC is well worth trying. :wink:


Hi Arachne , I am hopefully getting a hp pc with premium 600gb drive approx I believe, just got my roxio 2009 installed , sadly nero wont go back on my old pc , gave up on that! now doing battle with ghost to backup what ive installed , ive had acronis 11 that broke my usb , I fixed that and ghost , oh and paragon , that was a good un couldnt make a rescue disc with that as …well its gotr a bug in it! registry editing is required to fix , I am dreading vista as xp which I love despite its activation bit vista scares the heck out of me! I think I will take it easy and study vista before I install anything , I want to thank all of you for your help in this post and if I get another big issue I will certainly come back …cheers!