Windows Media Player 8 Beta 2 available

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Windows Whistler Beta 2 Windows Media Player 8

Description: Exact same install as the Windows Media Player 7…

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Hopefully they dont sneaked up a little piece of code in it what they like to do these days,that i readed on a articel here a few days ago.

windows media player is abysmal. all my songs which sounded fine before and still do on winamp etc. sound tinny and no amount of tweaking will get it right. also it is a huge, clumsy appliction that is badly laid out and buggy. winamp is much better.

No idea about WM player 8 but 7 was like Real player. I hate them both!! Both huge bloatware that grabs TONS of system resources. Ever tried watching a divx on WM Player 7? It like grabs over 60Mb of memory. 6.4 is way better and is actually ok. I still prefer using Winamp and Global Divx player or such likes though.

Windows Media Player has been pure garbage since it progressed beyond 6.4 I’ve been using Sasami 2K aDvanced media player for ages, it’s 640K, incredibly stable with neat and actually useful options like supersampling and other quality enhancing filters. I have a link posted to it on my site, check them both out. ->