Windows Media Player 7 Bonus Pack



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Source: Microsoft

Windows Media Player 7 Bouns Pack is released!

New in this bouns pack are,

  • Audio Converter 3.0 LE (Limited Edition)
    Audio Converter 3.0 (Limited…
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Media Player 7, always worked bad on all the systems i tryed it on, but WinAmp never did, so i still think that WinAmp is the #1 Mediaplayer in the world


The new MS Media progs have worked great on all but one system Ive tried it on - the problem there was a badly configured windows setup…

Winamp is the original and the best in my opinion, but MS have (dare I say it?) done a pretty good job on this one.

As always it needs polisihing but what M$ product doesn’t?


Does anybody know what’s wrong with this WMA encoder? I just cleaned up 500MB off my hard disk by converting my MP3s over, but this app add like a tag to the file or something? I mean, the sound quality is just about as good as the orignal MP3, and they play under Winamp, not to mention they are about half the size as MPs… But with M$, there has to be something wrong here…


I’m sure there is something wrong and I’m sure you’ll find out at some point much to your huge annoyance that there is. MS invented WMA format to protect songs and give them the ability to be copyright protected. I know I for one have no plans in the anything near future (next hundred years or so) to convert my georgeous mp3’s (all 4000 of them) to any microsoft format.
I think that’s just asking for trouble and lots of it at that.


MICROSOFT: Most Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools Them.

winamp my first and only


That’s what I figured. I cleaned off all the wma’s on my hard disks. Good thing I also had the MP3s on CD


wma wont play on my portable cd mp3 player :wink:


windows media player sucks big time, and with this bonus pack it only gets worse…


the new media player is huge and in no way slick. winamp is better by far and away, it has everything except video.

come on winamp, provide a video player!


I agree that winamp has no video support. Thats one reason why i switched to M$ windows Media Player. Even though the video quality sucks for it(there must be a way to improve it) i still enjoy some nice “asian dollz” videos.


Winamp Roxx, it even plays video !!! Get the “nice” -plugin for winamp, and it plays DivX :wink:


Where to get the plugin for winamp ?? (so it plays video too !!)

Install it, on winamp, en watch your fav mov.


Too bad the equaliser doesn’t seem to work.


What makes Mp3 better than Wma? Wma is suppose to be smaller and better(so say’s microsoft). What is the main dis/advantages for wma and mp3? I know mp3’s have been around for longer but is it better? My portable(Nomad 2 MG) can play both.


Fucking microsoft - ripping stuff off again!

download the original at:
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


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