Windows Media Player 7.1 available

I just posted the article Windows Media Player 7.1 available….

Microsoft released the official Windows Media Player 7.1. This version includes ripping cd’s into the WMA format

Windows Media Player 7.1 now includes CD ripping using the state-of-the-art…

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In a way this is an MS ploy to get us all to be using thier technology; for they are only interested in silently moving us all into the copyrighted & protected “compact media file”. WMA will have “Digital Rights Management System” or something like that slowly but surely. Besides, my Rio 300 only plays Mp3 files.

For those of you who like using download managers for big files, the url is: /7.1/W982KMe/EN-US/mp71.exe

That link asks for a username and password to be able to download… You wouldnt happen to have that now would you?

Well, it didn’t ask me for any pwd… Just make sure you got the whole URL right - above it is broken on two lines…

usually download sites ask for username/password when their bandwidth is full (too many people downloading at once). why not just try again and again and again and again…

wmp 7.1 => 9.10 mb d/l in 15 secs… without pw/login

got it to work… thanks all… :stuck_out_tongue: