Windows Media Player 12 codec problem

I am converting DVDs to divx files using DVDFab8. Windows Media Player 12 on Windows 7 64 is unable to play the audio track of the resulting files. All I get is continuous noise like a noisy fan. VLC has no problems. I’m trying to work out why WMP can’t manage it, and a lot of posts via googling suggest that missing codecs might be the answer. The Microsoft site says that “download codecs automatically” should be ticked, and that the command can be found under WMP Options > Player. However, no such command exists in my WMP 12.0.7600.16667. I have been through all the tabs in WMP options, and there is no mention of “download codecs automatically”. Does anyone know where this command is to be found in WMP 12?

Windows 7 64; WMP 12.0.7600.16667; DVDFab8.0.22; VLC 1.1.4

If I remember right there was an issue with the conversions for some profiles in DVDFab that had this problem with WMP, however I don’t know the exact profile you used and you are using an out dated version of DVDFab.

I suggest you update DVDFab to the latest version which is and try again, also you may want to look for help in the DVDFab sub forum here at MyCE :wink:


As far as I know the option to download codecs automatically has been removed in Windows Media Player 12.

The simplest solution is to use a player like VLC which has more codecs contained with in the program. You can install third party codecs, but be careful about doing this, installing to many codecs can get messy and also lead to problems.


Try downloading the Media player codec packs from

WMP12 won’t download codecs from microsoft automatically but third party software can still be added.

Frankly after recently changing to Windows7 I have come to the conclusion that I have WMP@ 12 almost as much as I loved WMP11 on an XP system.

I have found it all but impossible to get WMP12 to display albums in chronological order unless I manual tell it to each time I go into a particular artist file.

WMP11 (atleast in XP, I never tried in Vista) could be set to do this automatically.


I myself never use WMP I prefer WinDVD which I’m use the 2010 version, I do however use VLC from time to time depending on the video format.