Windows Media Player 11

I have a new music cd that I purchased at the local Wal*Mart store. I can play it on one of my computer which has Windows 2000 and Windows Media Player 9. It will start and play automatically. No Problems.

However, when I insert it into the drive on on my other computer it will not start or open automatically.Nothing happens, I cannot play it. I am using Windows XP and using Windows Media Player 11. I can play other cd’s.

Any help provided will be greatly appreciated.

WMP 11 is somehow problematic. Version 9 was last good one, problem is that to go back to that version is almost next to impossible, even to go back to 10 is a problem. Try to reburn CD if that will work, otherwise there is nothing you can do, except to try different software player.

What version of WMP 11 do you have and is it updated to the lastest fixes and updates?? Cause there are alot of updated to WMP 11 since its release. Are you sure the autoplay feature is enabled? What do you mean other cds? What kinda cds are those???

Media Player 11.0 all updated. Auto play is enabled. This is the first music cd that I am unable to play with this media player. I have played a lot of music cd’s with this player, but this is the first that will not function with this player. I tried playing it on another PC using media 9, no problems encountered. Starts up automatically and begins to play.