Windows Media Player 10

My PC is Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002, Service Pack 2. I have been using Windows Media Player version for burning audio CDs with no complaints, until today ! After editing play list (songs format is supported) and inserting a blank audio CD into the tray, a message appeared on the right hand side panel saying “There are no items on the CD”, and the burning process stopped. I really don’t know what the problem seems to be. :eek: Aren’t blank CDs supposed to have no items on them ?! What is wrong?
Thank you.

If I recall correctly they have from MS MP11 now you might want to update or upgrade to that newer version. Also you might want to get a good spyware or rootkit program to see if something go installed onto your computer without your knowledge. Sony was well documented in this rootkit incident that prevented people from copying cd they owned to another cd.