Windows Media Player 10

Hi All,

I am having troubles playing DVD’s with Windows Media Player. There’s no sound! I have a 2.1 system (Creative Inspire 3000), and what I have found is that when I go to options/plug-ins/options/DVD/properties it seems to default to Nero Digital (why I am not sure) and Nero Digital defaults to 6.1digital. If I click 2ch DolbySurround …whala…I have sound. But everytime I re-open media player it defaults back to 6.1…

Can anyone help???

It defaults to Nero Digital because Nero Digital is a gigantic system-hogging piece of poo. :slight_smile:

Ok, on a more serious note, reinstall your DVD playback software (like PowerDVD or WinDVD), and it will hopefully re-register itself.

Or maybe someone else knows how to force Nero Digital to 2-channel. Maybe you can run Nero Showtime and choose the correct option in there?