Windows Media Player 10 prob. data CD

HI, first of all I am new here so Hello to all.

Next, my problem. For a little over a year now I have been creating Data CDs with WMP 10, basically mp3 CDs as backups of these files but also to use them with my DVD player and or CD boombox and everything was smooth…until my last few CDs.

When I play back a newly created mp3 Data CD I find that a few songs have errors. Some songs sound like collages/mixes. As an example, a song is playing and then all of a sudden you hear a piece of another song for 5-7 seconds, then it jumps back to the song originally playing. Sometimes it will be just that once but sometimes I may get up to 3 pieces of other songs during the playback of the particular song. :a

This happened to me months ago for the first time, but I thought that maybe my mp3’s had been corrupted by me with a disk defrag or something, but this last time I went back to listen the specific mp3s that on my Data CD sound “mixed” and find that the mp3s still on my PC (which was used to make the back up) play just fine.

  • ¿Anyone else experience this?
  • ¿Can anyone help me out with a possible solution in the WMP?
  • ¿Do you recommend some other program to create mp3 CDs instead of using WMP?

Thanks in advance for all your help :iagree: