Windows Media Player 10 Help

my name is greg and I love music but my computer skills are weak. Here is my problem. When I try to play any cd (burnt or store bought) in drive d or e I get a window asking which program I want to use. If I pick creative media organuizer that came with my mp3 player, the cd plays fine in either drive. If I choose WMP10 then the program opens and displays error 1197 Cant play file. The help options are proxy settings which seem fine, streaming protocols which seem fine and check pathway. I don’t know how to check this and is it relavent. If I try to rip the same thing kappens. i can only rip using Creative. Here is the weird part. I can burn w WMP with no problem. I tried reinstall w no sucess. Any ideas.

Sure, i got an idea, DON’t use WMP. Itz garbage, NO-one ever has trouble-free use of WMP , EVER. Could be that WMP is not registered as the default audio CD player. i uninstall it [totally !], so i do not know how you fix the issue. also possibly a codec/software conflict issue, as you got some weird stuff installed that probably stuffed your registry associations etc.