Windows Media file and DVD

I have a movie that is a windows media file what exact steps do I need to take to convert it so it will play on my dvd…thanks

also what are avi files and srt?

Don’t know whatthe hell an srt is…but as for the AVI…this may help…:slight_smile:

Nero, and several other programs have in it’s toolchest the ability to convert “compliant” AVI files into vcd’s. VCD’s are video discs that can be played on many set top dvd players on your tv. Process is simple enough…select…convert…burn…play. Extra tweaks to learn about after you managed the first…:slight_smile:

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srt files are text files used by vobsub to display subtitles while playing avis with ie: WMP

Putting the srt file next to the avi with the exact file name as the avi and opening the avi with media playe or whatever will make vobsub open too in the background and display the subtitles.

useful info…was thinking a vcd approach would be easier…but easier is not always better.

Thanks for the info Hemmi…:slight_smile:

was thinking a vcd approach would be easier…
If he wants to play the file in a standalone player he has to make it into a vcd or another compatible format. The rst file/vobsub combo can only be used on a computer.