Windows Media Encoder 9 - slow operation

I’m using WME9 to convert DivX files to WMV for use on a Pocket PC device. On my A64 3700+ machine, everything works fine - 100% CPU usage and a quick encode. But on my A64 X2 3800+ machine (which I thought would be even faster thanks to multi threading), CPU stays at or below 20% and encode times are very long. I’ve removed/reinstalled WME9 and A64 and dual-core drivers, closed all other software and disabled CnQ and screen saver and use the same files and setup on both machines.

My research is at a dead end and I would appreciate any ideas about what I may be doing wrong.


I’ll have to ponder on that for awhile.

The only thing I can think, is that it has something to do with the dual cores. Try asking your question at, in the conversion forum.

I’ll look at that site.

I tried using WME9 on an Xvid file and it seemed to work ok - 70%-80% CPU on the first pass, 95%-100% on the second - with good total encoding time. But before that I uninstalled/reinstalled codecs so I really don’t know what caused the change, but codecs are always under suspicion.

Thanks for your help. While I haven’t posted much, I’ve learned a lot over the years by reading the forums here.