Windows Media DRM does not go well with hardware changes

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 While  some find it bad enough that Windows XP, its office products and many other  third party providers use product activation, apparently product activation may  become just a minor issue...
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I have a few DRM tracks pruchased from that I could no longer play after replacing my hard drive due to a crash. support finally gave up trying to reset my licences and refunded my money.

This DRM stuff is the most godawful crap I ever heard of being put into our mouths… We have to pay the same amount of money for something that is quality-wise less, isn’t even owned (we have about the only right to listen to it, on their terms), it mostly isn’t transportable to the other media devices you have, etc. I hope someone bombs the people responsible for this communistic piece of scheisse, they deserve it with slowly taking away the freedom so many people have died for fighting the greedy bastards.

This is the reason simple old MP3 (and other, non-DRM-corrupted) digital audio files will always be more popular than any protected proprietary format. The music industry are seriously shooting themselves in the foot. Every tech-savvy music listener I know despises the fat cats in the music industry. People hate them enough already and it’s only going to get worse when these same people, and more besides, find that they can no longer listen to the music that they purchased legitimately.
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That’s why music will always be available on illegal channels in MP3/FLAC. Games have been available in zip for more than a decade, movies stay available in AVI and now also in ISO. Basically, the formats that provide freedom, not restriction. If we want restriction, we’ll use some kinky bondage stuff…

“Windows Media DRM does not go well with hardware changes” Come on, tell us something new! I am glad, that people finally start to feel the consequences of buying DRM crap. I only hope, that people have enough brain, so they stop buying it. The only way to stop DRM (this includes Blue-Ray & Co.) is not to buy it. (As long as we have AnyDVD, buying Sunn Com or Sony protected CDs and DVDs doesn’t hurt at all)
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Ah ha!, it’s the old story, you pays for what you get and get what you pays for! Ha! Ha!

Tunebite will remove shitty DRM.

[I]Insert standard anti-DRM vent here. It’s all been said before.[/I] Bless the folks behind digital rights for trying to keep people on the level. The problem is that the setup they created wasn’t really made for the scale it is being used on, and didn’t account for physical changes (see: XP activation on a computer where hardware is added/removed/swapped). Little is foolproof, try as they might to make DRM a more universal tool. As someone above said (essentially), truly universal tools like no protections and file formats which can be played anywhere on anything are the one true path. Don’t like DRM, don’t buy into it. :X