Windows Media Centre Library



Just wondering if anyone else has this problem.
It seems WMC does not pick up sub folder in its library scan.

EG I have a 10 disc John Wayne set which I originally set up in the following file locations:

c:users\username\videos\john wayne\disc 001
c:users\username\videos\john wayne\disc 002
c:users\username\videos\john wayne\disc 003 etc

The WMS library wont pick this up I was forced to file these as:

c:users\username\videos\john wayne- disc 001 so the video_ts folder stay only 1 directly below the videos folder.

Is there a way to overcome this. I have gone in the vista library setup options and directed it to the locations I wanted originally with no success.

I dont burn my back ups I play them direct off an external drives and seeing I will be starting to rip my TV edpisodic dvds I would like to know if there is a way to overcome this. How do you guys file you episodic dvd’s on hdd?