Windows Media Center Edition question

I think this is the correct place for this question; if not, can the mods please move it…

I have a systemt hat had been running XP Home very well, and I had been able to backup any of my kids movies w/o problem. To take advantage of the upcoming Vista, I got XP Pro Media Center Edition OEM from Newegg. I installed it on my PC about 2 weeks ago and reinstalled all if not most of programs back onto it.

I tried to make a backup of Madagascar and it died using Shrink just about when it got to the burn process. I tried DVD Decrypter and it burned the ISO, but failed when I tried to burn. I forgot the errors, but but I don’t care, per se. I’ve backed up plenty of movies and am just curious on the point of is there a problem w/ MCE backing up movies, or do I just need to try other means/programs? I’m just curious before I spend too much time on it if MCE is the problem.

Thanks, and I hope I didn’t sound too confusing…

Download AnyDVD and let it run in the background while you use DVD Shrink.

I had tried that with no luck.

What I did do that worked was when I installed MCE I used a new copy of Nero OEM (not sure of the version) burning that came w/ a lightscribe burner I got recently. Turns out it didn’t like to play nicely with shrink. I reinstalled the version of nero that I had used previously and it works fine now. Don’t even ask me what made me think to do this, just lucky I guess :slight_smile:

Thanks for you help.