Windows Media Audio and Video 8 Final released

I just posted the article Windows Media Audio and Video 8 Final released….

Microsoft released the finals of Windows Media Video and Audio, Windows Media Audio is a big competitor for MP3 if you look at the quality.

New Windows Media Video 8

With its…

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yeah yeah yeah… fuck Microshit… Divx;) and Mp3 rule the only thing microsoft can do is rip good products from others… and sel it for a lot of money. :slight_smile:

Dont worry!! From what I’ve read, Franhauffer I think it is (spelt wrong I’m sure), are working a new format of mp3. I think it was called mp3 pro or something stupid. Anyway, it should be able to match this file size with the same quality so we’ll still be able to keep using mp3’s instead of wma with all it’s annoying BS of digial rights management. FUCK MS!!

I just need the codecs :4

NILA: i think fraunhofer is going to implement a copyprotection also, so you will have to deal with the one from them instead of the one from M$. :d

The MS CODECs are actually very good. I’m sure the copy protection won’t last long enough to be significant. Someone really needs to develop tools to allow conversion to/from ASF/Windows Media and make it open source so that Microsoft can’t kill it like they did with the ASF features in VirualDub.

for the guys that don`t know this … the divx codec is the micrsoft mpeg4v3 codec. in this case microsoft was ripped of … but nobody sold it :c . and there is now way “near” DVD quality if you use 250 or 350 Kbit. movies with bitrates as low as 250 kbit just SUCK :r no they suck triple the times :r :r :r :4 Btw the full name is Frauenhofer Institut für Integrierte Schaltungen … wenn mich nicht alles täuscht. -=[DC]=-ViRuZ

i dont know why but my IE5 has major problems displaying the kursive text and the smileys … :c