Windows ME - the final word



i have found this on several Windows ME fansites, it seems to be very valid, and it’s also what i think:

"Ok, well it seems like we’re looking at another Windows 2000 fiasco huh? I’m sure you all remember what happened with Windows 2000… it was declared RTM, then tons of warez groups, some you’ve never heard of in your life, start releasing what they call the “final”… but then some people realize its NOT really the final, but a late RC or something. So then “real final” and “retail” and “store retail” and “real RTM” come out and it gets very confusing.

Windows Me is no different apparently. New warez groups have come out of the woodwork to distribute what they call the final version. And once again there’s a discrepancy with the build number and what build number is final. I’m here to officially clear things up. Now, you can choose to believe the info on my site, or another’s site. I don’t really care. All I know is, in my humble opinion, I am right.

The final build of Windows Me is 3000.2, though you will NEVER EVER see that .2 anywhere you look. Confusing? Well, kinda, but suspend disbelief. Now, 3000 and 3000.2 are EXACTLY the same thing. 3000 is just a shorter way of saying 3000.2. There IS NO SUCH BUILD as 3000.1, 3000.3, etc. 3000 and 3000.2 are one in the same code. If this isn’t enough for you and you want to dig into it deeper, go right ahead if you have nothing better to do with your life.

So which build is the REAL RTM? Who knows until the beta testers get their cd’s in the mail. But right now, if you get ahold of a release that’s 3000 or 3000.2, your chances are good its the real deal.

Of all the distributions going around right now, the only one I have heard good things about is NiNeCaT’s release. As far as we know, it is the real rip of the RTM that was released from Microsoft on June 19. Don’t bother e-mailing me to ask where you can get it. Check your favorite Windows Me IRC channels or the web."

taken from: The Windows Informer


here’s where to find them all:

SWAT - CryptDwellerz

Priority - CryptDwellerz

NiNeCaT - The Informant Filez

so remember, build 3000 and 3000.2 are the same thing, and there won’t be a store version until September 14


Squage - i read that the release on the informant filez is the priority release and that Ninecats is just Swats, rebundled!!
now i am not sure on the informant filez release but i read another post by ‘chosen1’ in which he linked to a member of the SWAT team (hyperfury’s) take on the three ME releases. you can see here —>
he said that the ninecat release is the same as the swat release
am I and chosen1 wrong or is this guy lying?
(i dont think he is)