Windows ME Probs :(



I have tried installing Windows ME several times now! Everytime after installation, I get the same prob, When I enter my p/w for windows or click cancel I get the message Explorer has caused an error in Explorer.exe, please restart the PC. I have removed all but the graphics card out of my PC (Hercules DDR. I have disconnected my 2nd drive, all my cdroms, changed the dimms, reset the bios, yet none of this seems to help. What the hell is going on, can someone please give me a clue? Have MS turned against AMD?, and when an Athlon is detected, it runs a routine which does it job. I had the same prob with the full release of Windows 2000. Apart from telling Bill Gates he is a W****r, I am stuck with Windows SE. Never had this prob before


This is quite a common problem with Windows ME. The problem is fairly easy to solve and you’ll probably be able to do it in about 10 minutes.

The problem is actually based around the installation CD. To solve the problem what you need to do is take the installation CD and pop it back in it’s case! Then write to MS and try and get a refund (hahahahahahahah - slap - that’s better). Then get hold of a copy of RedHat or SuSe Linux and install that instead!

Sorry, not really a helpful post - I just felt like a dig at the big geek with the pimple!