Windows ME build 2525



Da Betanews:
Monday - 11:21 PM ET The first Release Candidate, RC0 Build 2525, of Windows Me (Millennium Edition) was released to beta testers a short bit ago. In a message to testers, Microsoft wrote, "Many sources have commented that this is already the highest quality 9x release there has ever been. Thank you for helping us reach this goal through your cooperation, dedication, and quality of feedback. We could not do this without you." BetaNews has received mixed feedback on the subject, with some Windows Me RC0 users touting perfection and others still finding it buggy. Nonetheless, Microsoft is ready to complete testing, stating "we believe we are extremely close to being finished - functionally speaking, what you see today is what we plan to go out to the world in a released product, and we are very interested in hearing your feedback on it." Windows Me is expected to hit RTM the week of June 12th. Testers, what do you think - is Windows Me ready for public scrutiny?