Windows ME Bootdisk problem

Im trying to install Windows ME on an older system of mine. I have installed ME many times and know the process quiete well. However, this time I cant seem to get past booting from the bootdisk. It loads the first few drivers and then hangs on this line:

‘Scanning PCI bus using mechanism #2

I have to reset the system since it doesnt go past this bit. I have installed ME many times and never came across this line before. Anyone know how I can get past this?

  1. You could try booting from the WindowsME CD itself

  2. If the same problem occurs I would suggest physically removing any PCI cards from your system with the exception of your video card. If the hang was caused by one of those cards you should now be able to boot successfully and install Windows. Once installed you should be able to reinstall the PCI devices you previously removed.

Hey I tried it with the ME cd and same thing happens. All my PCI slots are free. The graphics card is on agp slot.

Anyone else know any other thing I can do? This is driving me mad

I wud say dump ME and go back to 98SE! ME was the worst O/S M$ ever made in my mind :stuck_out_tongue:


Your advice is duely noted. But it still doesnt get me past the problem of succesfully booting so that I can install ME or 98SE

Hehe sorry, have you tryed remaking the boot disk or using generic 1?


Try this:

This problem happens under certain circumstances or configurations. To get around this particular issue you will need to rename all of the SCSI ASPI drivers on the diskette, follow the instructions below.

**If you are using a SCSI CD Rom or Hard Disk we recommend disconnecting them while using the modified Boot Disk, as they will not be detected.

-Boot up using the Win98/98SE Boot Disk. When you reach the Startup Menu where you can select whether to start the computer with or without CD Rom Support, press the “F5” Key. This will bring you to an A:> prompt.

-Type “REN ASPI2DOS.SYS ASPI2DOS.OLD” (without quotations) and then press the “Enter” key.

-Type “REN ASPI4DOS.SYS ASPI4DOS.OLD” (without quotations) and then press the “Enter” key.

-Type “REN ASPI8DOS.SYS ASPI8DOS.OLD” (without quotations) and then press the “Enter” key.

-Type “REN ASPI8U2.SYS ASPI8U2.OLD” (without quotations) and then press the “Enter” key.

-Type “REN ASPICD.SYS ASPICD.OLD” (without quotations) and then press the “Enter” key.

-Press “Ctrl-Alt-Del” to restart the computer.


Hey thanks for the help. Im going to try this method out and see if it works

Just kill the calls in the config.sys to scsi devices…