Windows ME And Sony DRU-830A



:bow: Hello I am new to this so please bare with me …I have a Sony DRU-830A DVD/RW and I run windows ME the problem is my program thinks i have a CD/ROM instead of a DVD/RW now the CD/ROM see’s my burner but it only has options for the cd/rom how do i get windows to correctly install my dvd/rw so as to work properly and sony does’nt have support for ME i know there has to be a way but I just don’t know how i did down load a burner tester from sony and the burner does work most excellent but only with the tester program i need windows ME to see what it is and i think it would work but so far it’s only a CD?ROM any help would so greatly appreciated thanks TC


If you check the spec’s on the website for the DRU830 I think it says that it is only compatible as a DVD burner when used with XP, Vista and WIN2000. Yes, it will work as a CD burner under Windows ME. Sadly-no manufacturer that I am aware supports Windows 98 based machines anymore-Microsoft announced the “end of life” for that Operating System several years ago. If you are serious about doing DVD-it is time to upgrade the operating system to XP (not really expensive-Newegg sells it) which will run on a computer that has a 1gHz processor (some slower ones too :)) and 256 megs of RAM.


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I in agreement with jc836 it might be a good time to go a buy xp pro sp2 as I used to have ME and it caused me alot of crashes and blue screen of death and restore didn’t help much. XP is a more stable platform so if you can afford XP pro sp2 go for it. As I am also no use xp pro sp2 and it has treated very good as long as I keep the hotfixes and updates in check. But all in all I think XP is one of the more stable platform MS has introduced so far.