Windows ME 2525.6 la notte scorsa

L’upgrade non conviene a chi ha già la 2525 Release Notes
Windows Millennium Edition
Weekly Build 2525.6- May 17,2000

What’s New
Windows ME Preview
The “Windows Me Preview” video provides an exciting first look at new features in Windows Me:
· Digital Media
· Internet Connectivity
· Home Networking
· PCHealth - Improved User Experience

The video is approximately 2 minutes in length and features an .asf video. The web page links to tours and information that help you learn more about a feature or try the feature out immediately. Currently the web page and video are not final - they are proof of concepts with the real content to be dropped in closer to the final release.

The Windows Me Preview will automatically run following the 1st boot after your upgrade is complete, and can also be launched from Start-Programs-Accessories-Entertainment.

Bugs found on this feature should be filed under SETUP area.

Known Issues
Power Management
System with Logitech mouse drivers may fail to resume from Standby or Hibernate
To resolve this issue, update your Logitech drivers to the latest version Windows provides.

When you use hibernation, you can turn off your computer and know that when you come back, everything will be restored exactly as you left it-including programs and documents you didn’t have time to save or close. Everything in memory gets saved on the disk, and the monitor and hard disk get turned off. You also save power and wear and tear on your computer.

If you experience frequent interruptions, you might also consider putting your computer into automatic hibernation after a specified number of minutes. Note that hibernation is available only if your computer supports it (see the release notes for more information).

Enabling Hibernate support:
If your system supports hibernate (see requirements needed below), you can enable Hibernate from the Power Options Control Panel. Click Start - Settings - Control Panel - Power Options. If Hibernate is supported on your system you will have a Hibernate tab. Click the tab and check the Enable Hibernate box.

Hibernation Requirements
You can check the C:\WINDOWS\NOHIBER.TXT to determine what may be causing Hibernate to be disabled. Below is a list of system requirements needed to support Hibernate:

· ACPI or APM 1.2 system (ACPI preferably)
· Video Adapter that supports Hibernation (see below for in-box supported drivers)
· WDM audio drivers

In-Box Supported Video Drivers for Hibernation:
Standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA)

NeoMagic MagicGraph128XD
NeoMagic MagicMedia256AV
NeoMagic MagicMedia256ZX
NeoMagic MagicMedia256XL+


ATI 3D Rage Pro
All-In-Wonder PRO

ATI All-In-Wonder Pro cards do not support Hibernate -
driver rejects request to Hibernate
Drivers provided from Windows Me for the ATI All-In-Wonder cards do not support Hibernate correctly. You will get a rejection message if you try to hibernate with these drivers. This is expected, and there is no workaround.

Warm docking with multiple profiles causes the user to be prompted twice
This happens when there are multiple profiles of the same configuration. Windows needs to prompt the user to ensure the correct profile is selected

System Hangs when Dock change is detected after attaching wedge while unit is hibernated
The workaround is to not change docking status while the machine is in Hibernate. Due to major changes in the system configuration, Windows is unable to resume from Hibernate.

Docking event messages disappear (or do not appear at all) before docking events are actually completed
This will be addressed in a future build. While the dock change is in progress you should notice the mouse cursor changing to the busy status.

On hot undock with no undocked profile, hardware detection is extremely slow
It may be necessary to create the undocked profile by shutting down the system, undocking the notebook, and then booting.

System fails to undock correctly if you enter Stand By and then try to undock
You need to use the Eject button from the Start menu to ensure you can eject correctly.

USB mouse not functional after upgrade if Logitech MouseWare is installed
This issue appears to impact versions of MouseWare earlier than 8.35. We are investigating with Logitech.

Upgrading to WinMe with the ATI 128 AIW loses closed captioning abilities.
No known work-arounds at this time. This issue is being investigated.

When running WindowsMedia Play version 7 with Nvidia 128, TNT, TNT2 or NV10, the system will freeze.
This is seen most often when running full screen with AssaultRandom viz. This issue is being investigated.

Resuming from hibernation does not work properly on Athlon system with the ATI Rage 128. System requires a reboot.
This has been seen with the AMD Athlon system with the Gigabyte ADM 750 motherboard. Does not seem to happen on Intel based systems. This issue is being investigated.
Home Networking
WDM modems installed in Windows 98SE; including USB modems, will be banged out after an upgrade to Millennium.
In order to fix this situation the user must go into the Device manager and remove the WDM Communications Device and then restart the system. The PnP event will occur and automatically install the new functioning modem.

WDM Modems are sometimes causing the system to not wake on a standby event.
If this is the case the user must go into the device manager and remove the WDM Communications Device and then restart the system. After restarting the system a Plug and play event will occur and install the modem. The system should be Stand-by ready.

Some Toshiba laptops with built in modems have older Bios versions on them that allow a certain voltage to get through to a modem device regardless of whether it is disabled in the BIOS settings or not.
If the user goes into the BIOS and disables their modem on these systems a Plug and Play event will still occur on setup or upgrade and there will not be enough power to start the driver. This will cause either the system to reboot repeatedly or a blue screen on driver load. In order for the user to resolve this issue they must enable their modem in the BIOS and then if the user wants to disable their modems use the Windows to do the disable. The user can do this in the Device manager by checking the box that says to disable the device.

Some 3Com modems are prone to not being loaded on setup and thus disappear from the system after an upgrade.
Their modem driver not being able to be loaded by Microsoft ME causes this. In order to resolve this issue the user must download the latest driver available to them from the 3Com website. It is highly recommended that the user perform this modem driver update before upgrading to Microsoft Windows ME.
AutoUpdate slows system or causes mouse and keyboard to become unresponsive for brief periods
When AutoUpdate is running you may notice that the mouse and keyboard freeze momentarily, then resume, then freeze again. The AutoUpdate icon may be visible in the system tray, or the WUAUBOOT process may be in memory when this occurs.
This issue has been confirmed only on systems with the “NDC 10/100 Fast Ethernet” adapter installed. If your system exhibits this behavior, but does not use this adapter, please file a bug report.

Solution: To work around this issue, the card must be set to a specific speed. Follow these steps:

  1. Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Open Network properties. (Click view all Control Panel options if the Network icon is not present.)
  3. Double click the listing for NDC 10/100 Fast Ethernet.
  4. Click the Advanced tab.
  5. Change the connection type to a specific speed required by your network. For example, if connected to a cable modem or DSL box, the setting should probably be 10 MB Full-Duplex.

Application Compatibility

General Compatibility Issues
Firewall Applications Cause Blue Screen on Boot
The installation of some firewall type applications is currently causing the system to cause a Windows Protection Error on boot. The following applications are known to be affected.
Norton Internet Securities 2000
AtGuard FireWall
Shiva VPN Client 6.60
SecuRemote v4118

IntelliPoint 3.x software
Several issues are currently being investigated with all 3.x IntelliPoint software.

PGP Security Apps
Various apps that use PGP Security are affected in different ways:
Black Ice Defender v1.9.6 cannot set filter.
PGP Security v6.51: PGPnet enabled: no longer able to log into the network
Norton Internet Security 2000 (and AtGuard Firewall) Blue Screen on reboot after app installation
Shiva VPN Client 6.60 install causes BSOD on restart.

Programs that create a rescue disk or bootable floppy disk
Rescue disks or bootable floppy disks made by some programs installed in Windows Millennium may not work correctly. We are working with the list of software vendors so that they will update their products with the latest versions of the startup files.

The following programs are known to be affected:

· Drive Copy
· Fix-It 2000
· Partition Magic
· Nuts & Bolts
· Drive Image
· Guard Dog
· Inoculan Anti-Virus
· Norton Utilities
· Iomegaware 2.2.1
· PC-Cillin 6.0

SFP & the _Restore\Temp Directory
_Restore emp directory is getting filled with a lot of files, with some applications. The following programs are known to be affected:
Fix-It Utilities
MS Backup

Some Programs Cannot Be Installed on This Version of Windows
Windows Millennium version numbers are being revised upward to 4.90.xxxx from 4.10.xxxx. Some programs might not install correctly, because they interpret the version information incorrectly. If you find a program that exhibits this behavior, please file a bug.

The following programs affected:

· Conseal PC Firewall
· PC-DUO 4.x

Solution for Conseal PC Firewall
Click Start, click Run, and then type regedit.
Expand HKey_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion.
In the right pane, double-click the value VERSION.
Edit the value Windows Millennium to read Windows 98, and then click OK.
Install the program.
Perform the same steps after program installation to change the key back to Windows Millennium.

Specific Application Compatibility Issues
3DFX Tools
Voodoo3 3dfx Tools in Control Panel do not list the Tweaks and Info options.

Adobe PageMill v3.0
Trying to open the Help on Help option from the Help menu generates message: “Cannot open the file: HtmHlp98.chm.”

This issue is currently under investigation.

Adobe Premiere 5.1 & Miro DV300 Codec
Pink display corruption in the clip window when playing files using Miro DV300 codec

This issue is currently under investigation.

Installation fails because the app’s call to DirectXSetup is failing.

This issue is currently under investigation.

After installing AOL5, the computer will go into standby but will not come back from a standby state and blue screen.

This issue is currently under investigation.

AOL Surfboard
The surfboard can launch AOL and correctly go to the page one time. Once AOL has been shut down all other surfboard buttons will not work

This issue is currently under investigation.

Babylon Translator
Babylon Translator (German) attempts to translate Systray icons, including its own. Right clicking on systray icons brings up the context menus under Win 98 Gold or SE, but initializes a translate attempt by Babylon under Millennium. Disabling application eliminates problem, but only until app is re-enabled again.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Beatnik Player 2.05
Beatnik sounds do not work in IE even though the player is installed, and causes JavaScript errors.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Black Ice Defender v1.9.6
After installation of this application, it is unable to establish a filter. This error can be seen on the Intruders tab of the application.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Bookshelf 2000
Bookshelf 2000 requires “Shockwave” control when launched / information display panels missing.

[Message]: “This page contains a new Shockwave format movie that the current Shockwave control cannot handle. Would you like to download the newer version of the control?”

If “No” is selected, the panels normally displayed on the left side of the app’s screen are missing. If “Yes” is selected, the macromedia web site is launched. If Shockwave 7.0.3 is installed (the only option obviously available), a restart is requested. If Bookshelf is opened after machine reboots, the same “Shockwave” message is displayed, with the same results as before.

Bullseye 2
Bullseye 2 will not accept search terms and gives this message: QUERY ERROR: No query specified. You need to enter a query into the edit field.

Check It 98
Causes a GPF in CKModem.DLL on launch.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Crypkey Instant
CrypKey Instant may not run properly in Millennium. Additionally, programs that are protected using recent versions of Crypkey encryption also may not run. Kenonics Corporation is aware of the problem. Please submit bug reports on any CrypKey encrypted applications you have that are failing due to this problem. Typical failures will include errors similar to “Failed to find license”, or “CrypKey Error; This program encountered a problem. There was an unknown problem retrieving the licensing information.”. If you have a CrypKey encrypted program and it is currently running, you may find that after running Disk Defragmenter the application will no longer be able to find its license.

This issue is being investigated.

The Curse of Monkey Island
If you alt+esc out of the game, then alt+tab back into the game, the office shortcut bar pops up and causes color palette distortion. Change the desktop color and the app is fine.

The Curse of Monkey Island
This game hangs at the end of the cut scenes when used with a Yamaha DS1.

Cybersitter 99
If you have Cybersitter installed and you upgrade from Windows 98 or Windows 98 SE, you will not be able to browse the Internet (or an intranet through a proxy server). You will also not be able to browse the Internet by using Dial-Up Networking. This issue is being investigated.

Solution: Uninstall Cybersitter, re-establish Internet access, and then you can then safely reinstall Cybersitter 99 and it will function normally.

Digital Dashboard
Compaq EZ2200 locks up after the desktop is loaded following an upgrade to Millennium.

Work-around: Go Start>Run. Type in “msconfig” and un-check the Digital Dashboard to prevent it from loading at startup.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Dr. Solomon’s Anti Virus
Attempting to upgrade Windows 95 or later with Dr. Solomon’s Anti Virus v7.70 installed causes an exception to occur. This issue is currently being investigated and should be fixed in a future version of Windows Millennium

Solution: Update this version to a later version, or uninstall this version before upgrading to Windows Millennium, and then reinstall after the upgrade.

Encarta World Atlas 2000
Msworld5 causes an IPF in Kernel32.dll when clicking <back> button while in a Virtual Flight. World Atlas 2000 first displays a message stating that: "Encarta Interactive World Atlas is unable to continue running.

This issue is currently being investigated.

First Aid 2000
McAfee First Aid 2000 is not compatible with this version of Windows. McAfee is aware of the problem and is investigating the issue.

FrontPage 2000
When switching to MS Script Editor, the changes made in FP will flash and then disappear the first time. Switching back and forth between windows does not refresh the MS Script Editor . In order for the changes to appear, you will need to edit the page in FP again.

This is currently under investigation.

GetRight 4.1.1
With GetRight installed, click on an HTML download link: IE 5.5 will move forward to a blank page while putting the URL of the download link in the address box of the blank page.

This issue is being investigated.

Greetings 2000
The closer the text gets to the bottom of the page, the more the text will show as ascii type characters. Clicking the Play/Replay button does not refresh this page and show the text correctly. The top portion of the text in the birthday card does display correctly. Also, if a large amount of text is entered on this card, there is no scroll bar available to scroll down the page.

This is currently under investigation.

HP Help (Hewlett-Packard)
“Show Me” button doesn’t show video clips in all subtopics under “How Do I…?” help topic of HP Help on Millennium.

HP PrecisionScan Pro v2.0
During installation of HP Precision Scan Pro v2.0 the USB ports are not detected. Since the USB ports are not detected, at the end of installation the software informs you not to use USB cables for your scanner but to use a parallel cable instead.

This is currently under investigation.

HP USB Scanjet 4100C Software
Install the scanner software and the software does not recognize that the scanner is plugged in. The built in OS utility loses functionality as well, reporting no registered devices can be found.

This is currently under investigation

Hijaak Pro 5.0
This causes a crash in GDI.exe after upgrading from OSR2 to Millennium.

The vendor is being contacted.

HotMetal Pro v6.0
When working with a web page using frames, switching view from WYSIWYG-Frames to Page Preview then back to WYSIWYG-Frames causes GPF in MSHTML.DLL. Error message: Hmpro6 has caused an error in MSHTML.DLL. Hmpro6 will now close.

This is currently under investigation

Intel Video Phone 3.x
When the videophone call is made, there will be no audio captured and the remote user will not hear any audio during videophone session. If both ends are Windows ME, then there will be no audio in both directions.

This is under investigation.

Iomegaware Utilities
Certain features offered by this software are not available due to changes in the operating system. Iomega is currently enrolled in the beta program and will have an update before Windows Millennium ships. Known issues include Zip drive not ejecting when you shut down Windows, and removable devices set as fixed disks still appearing as removable from within Windows Explorer. Programs that only install to fixed disks (non-removable hard disks) will still work when setting your drive as such. The bug is merely cosmetic. Please report any other issues you discover with these utilities.

This issue is being investigated.

Jaws For Windows 3.5
When Jaws For Windows 3.5 is running, Internet Explorer 5.5 browser jumps to the top of the page after user has scrolled down.

This issue is being investigated.

Juno 3.0
Users of Juno should update to version 3.0.13 or higher. The latest version available from is version 3.0.1092.2818. Versions prior to 3.0.13 have many failures in Millennium that are corrected by later releases. You can tell which version of Juno you have installed by right-clicking Juno.exe and viewing the properties of the file.

Microsoft Global IME
The download packages from <> cannot be installed in Windows Millennium. This issue is being investigated. The IME packages affected are:

Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Simplified) with Lang pack 
Chinese (Traditional) and Chinese (Traditional) with Lang pack
Japanese and Japanese with Lang pack
Korean and Korean with Lang pack

Global IME packages that do not have this problem are in test and will be released externally for Windows ME release.

Mindspring 3.0x
When you attempt to update the Mindspring Desktop the download screen pops up asking if you want to open the file from its current location or save it to disk. If you try to open from current location or try to open after downloading it asks what program to use to open the file. The files have .mst extensions.

Money 98
Every startup opens multiple browser windows instead of trident hosting

MSDN Oct 99 and Jan 2000 Release
You may receive an error when installing the MSDN October 1999 release. “Setup has detected that a required HTML Help system component (Hhsetup.dll) is missing from your computer. Click Cancel to exit setup. If you click OK, Setup will continue and the MSDN Library may not function properly."

Solution: Copy the hhsetup.dll manually from the MSDN CD (x86\setup\hh12x\hhsetup.dll) to the %windir%\system folder prior to installing MSDN. Be sure you copy the x86 version and not the version that is intended for Alpha machines.

MyWebOS will launch in Windows Me Beta 3, but no apps will launch in mywebos.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Netcomplete will not launch in Millennium.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Netsonic version 2.5
This program gets stuck in a restart loop; the program’s installation alerts you that you need to restart to work properly. Version 2.5 of Netsonic is not compatible with Windows Millennium; it requires an older version of Wsock32.dll.

This issue is currently under investigation. To uninstall the program, first remove the shortcut to Webmain.exe from the Startup group, right-click the Gator icon on the taskbar, and then click Exit. Restart your computer. Then you can uninstall normally.

Norman Antivirus
This program currently does not work with Windows Millennium. Software vendor has been contacted and will provide a working update when Millennium ships.

Norton AntiVirus version 5.0 and 2000 Scheduled Scan
Installation of Norton Antivirus 5.0 and 2000 into Millennium may create an invalid switch in the Task Scheduler for the scheduled disk scan. To correct this, double click Task Scheduler in the system tray, right click the Norton Antivirus scheduled scan entry and change the invalid switch (-u or -w) to be /L

This issue is currently under investigation.

Norton Internet Security 2000
After installing NIS 2000 and rebooting, the system returns a GPF Windows Protection Error blue screen. The system must be manually restarted into safe-mode and then NIS 2000 must be uninstalled.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Norton Speed Disk 2000
Using Speed Disk 2000 when you have NeroCD95 installed will result in a system crash, and in some cases a spontaneous reboot of the system.

Workaround: This problem has been reproduced in released Win9x operating systems, but much less reliably. The program vendor is aware of the problem and is investigating. As a workaround, you can rename Nero’s VXD in %Windir%\System\IOSubsys and reboot prior to running Speed Disk. You will need to rename this back in order to use NeroCD again, however.

Norton System Works
The icon that groups all of the system taskbar icons together fails to work.

Symantec is investigating this issue.

Norton Utilities Protected Recycle Bin
The Norton Utilities Recycle Bin icon does not appear properly.

This issue is being investigated.

Norton Your Eyes Only
Possible Data loss: If you have the “bootlock” security option installed, you need to disable it before upgrading to Windows Millennium. This feature is currently unusable due to master boot record changes in Windows Millennium.

Solution: Please disable this feature before upgrading.

Nuts & Bolts 98
After installing Nuts and bolts you must reboot. Once you log back on, the system gives you 5 or more IPF’s in User.exe. After the fifth error (Usually “Rundlg has IPF in Module User.exe”) the system freezes. The mouse moves and you can Ctrl/alt/del, but you cannot get the system back under control.

Nuts & Bolts 98’s Launch Rocket will not load under Millennium.

These issues are currently under investigation.

Oil Change version 2.5 and McAfee Oil Change Online
These products are currently unable to identify Windows Millennium as a valid operating system.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Office 2000
When attempting to save to Web folder locations from within an Office common dialog box, you may receive memory corruption and/or other “unable to save to file” messages.

This issue is being investigated

Oracle 8.1.5 Personal Edition
Oracle does not support installing version 8.1.5 PE into Windows Millennium. As an unsupported workaround, you may add the following line to the [compatibility95] section of win.ini prior to installation:


After setup is complete, Oracle will recommend a reboot. There is one additional step necessary prior to reboot; Oracle may add a non-standard path statement to the autoexec.bat file. Please modify this SET PATH statement to use short-filenames if you find a quoted LFN string represented as part of the path. You can confirm that the path was merged successfully into the registry after reboot by examining the PATH variable in the registry at HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SessionManager\Environment

Symptoms of a missing Oracle path statement in the registry are that Net8 Easy Config will not launch.

Please note that Oracle does not support the use of this product in Windows ME, but have authorized these workarounds for testing purposes only.

Pagis Pro v3.0
When attempting to browse in Pagis Inbox folders system will generate an Invalid Page Fault in module PGFOLDER.DLL

This issue is being investigated.

PageKeeper Pro 3.0
If you choose to add “New Document from Web” with IE-5.5 installed you will not be able to reach the web site.

This issue is being investigated.

PCAnywhere 9.01 and PCTelecommute 1.0
Both PCAnywhere 9.02/9.01 and PCTelecommute will default to for printer drivers. Millennium does not have a, and if you select for the driver install, the apps will hang. There is no workaround known at this time.

This issue is being investigated.

PCTelecommute 1.0
During setup of PCTelecommute 1.0, you may see a failure to register irareg.dll. You can continue setup normally after confirming this error.

Solution: As a workaround, after setup is finished, copy windows\system\regsvr32.exe to the folder where irareg.dll is located.  Open a command prompt and from the directory type:  regsvr32.exe irareg.dll - this will register the dll properly.

The machine locks up on exit of the application via the close button or the Exit Menu. The only recovery is a cold boot. No crash in the debugger. This application comes with the Pinnacle Studio PCTV USB device.

PGP Security
Using the PGP Tray icon to decrypt text in the current window will fail, causing the error “PGP could not automatically cop the text from your window” to appear.

Solution: The current workaround is to press CTRL-SHIFT-D instead of the icon.

PGP Security
PGP Security v6.51 with PGPnet enabled and it securing the nic adapter the machine is no longer able to log into the network

This issue is currently under investigation.

PowerDesk Utilities
PowerDesk 3.03a and break Task Scheduler and Printers in Windows Millennium. There is an option in PowerDesk by Mijenix Corporation that enables the program to open My Computer and Folders. When this option is turned on it breaks the Printers folder in Control Panel and the Task Scheduler on the taskbar. When either of these is open, it displays the My Desktop folder with the various icons available on my desktop.

Solution: Disable the PowerDesk option to use PowerDesk to open “My Computer and Folders.” Mijenix is working on a fix.

PrecisionScan Pro 2
PrecisionScan Pro 2 doesn’t detect USB ports on a Millennium system during install.

This issue is currently under investigation.

PrintShop Deluxe version 10.0
Opening PrintShop Photo Pro in PrintShop Deluxe v10.0 results in Internet Explorer script errors when the program starts.

This issue is currently being investigated.

Project 2000
Project 2000 generates a Table30.exe error when using the Gantt chart. After closing the application, Winproj caused an IPF error in OLE32.DLL and/or a KERNEL32.DLL error occurs.

Publisher 2000
Scanning a picture results in a “Windows Low Memory” message.

This issue is currently being investigated.

QI SW decoder
DVD playback fails because the decoder cannot create an overlay after upgrading to Millennium.

This issue is currently being investigated.

Quickbooks 2000
After clicking the hotspot “Live - Customer Service” under Customer Service Real-time Chat Pilot, an IE Jscipt error occurred on the page and the user is not navigated to the page.

This issue is currently being investigated.

Rational Suite Enterprise 1.5
Installing this Rational software on Millennium will cause the machine to not boot at all. The Rational software requests a reboot, and on reboot the computer monitor hangs on a black screen (no error messages or blue screens) and simply dies in the boot process. When hooked up to a debugger, we found that a file installed by Rational (vpured.vxd) is breaking during kernel init and causing a trap 14. Deleting or renaming this VXD allows the machine to boot correctly, and the Rational software finishes its configuration stuff and appears to function normally.

Resume Maker Deluxe
When opening a document from inside Resume Maker, the icons displayed are scattered and not lined up.

This issue is currently being investigated.

Snapshop 2.0
Snapshot is unable to see folders in directories when attempting to open file from saved folder. Cannot browse through folders because none are viewable.

This issue is currently under investigation.

SolSuite 2000
System locks up during game play.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Updating to Windows Millennium with this application installed returns multiple errors and the application does not function. Setup no longer allows you to upgrade when it detects StopLight 95 installed.

This issue is currently under investigation.

SurfWatch 98
After installing SurfWatch 98 you may get a SSDPSRV caused an invalid page fault error in module kernel32.dll after reboot and before logging on.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Sybergen Sygate 3.1 and SyShield 1.1
Do not install these products in Windows Millennium; installation will result in an unbootable system. If you install this product, you will need to boot to Safe Mode to uninstall it.

Sybergen is aware of the problem and is investigating future updates.

Visiosonic Digital 1200SL
This application does not function properly in this build of Windows Millennium.

This issue is currently under investigation.

Visual Basic 6.0
WebBrowser Control on form may cause an IPF in VB6 when run if not already open in Design Mode

VizAct 2000
Some users of VizAct may experience an installation error (“Internal Error 2613”), which prevents successful setup. This is a VizAct issue that affects all owners of the VizAct CD that is version 1.00.0720, both in Windows Millennium and Windows 2000. The patch for this issue can be obtained from:

Word 97
Word 97 causes a Winword GPF error in art gallery on a Win95 migrated machine.

This issue is currently under investigation

Word 2000
On a clean Millennium, saving a Word2000 document with an underscore in the filename will cause an IExplore error to occur after selecting to preview the web page.

This issue is currently under investigation.
You may be unable to successfully establish a mapping to your xdrive share. Connection may hang at 90% completion. It may be possible to end-task on Xdrive to access your mapped drive, although this is unreliable. You may also find that Xdrive Monitor will fault when started (this fault is also fairly easy to reproduce in our released Win9x operating systems).

These issues are currently under investigation.

MS-DOS-Related Program Issues

MS-DOS-based programs trying to run in real mode
MS-DOS-based programs that try to run in MS-DOS (real) mode will fail. Some of these programs can be fixed by changing the MS-DOS .pif file so that it does not force or suggest MS-DOS mode. To do this, carry out the following steps:

Right-click the .pif file associated with the program, click Properties, and then click the Program tab.
Select the Prevent MS-DOS-based programs from detecting Windows check box, and then click OK.
Double-click the modified batch file to run the program.

MS-DOS-based programs that add entries to Autoexec.bat or Config.sys
If a program such as a TSR or executable file adds an entry to either the Autoexec.bat or Config.sys file, those files will not be loaded.
The following programs are known to be affected:

· Hurricane 98
· Slimware Windows Bridge
· McAfee AntiVirus
· Microsoft Plus! 98
· GoBack
· PC-Cillin
· Norton Antivirus

This issue is currently under investigation.

MS-DOS-based programs that require real-mode MS-DOS
Programs that require real-mode MS-DOS do not currently work in Windows Millennium.

The following programs are known to be affected:

· Partition Magic
· Drive Copy 2.0
· Drive Copy 3.0
· Drive Image

This issue is currently under investigation.

Note: Drive Copy cannot create a proper .pif file in Windows Millennium to set it to run in real-mode MS-DOS. Windows Millennium then creates a default .pif file that sets this program to run in an MS-DOS window. However, you should never attempt to run this program from an MS-DOS window; this can lead to data loss. It must be run from a bootable floppy disk.

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) Issues

ICS client and host can’t simultaneously play with an external third party on the Zone
With some games, an ICS client and host can’t simultaneously play with an external third party on the Zone. The game stops working until the client computer is restarted. The Zone software is upgraded automatically when logging on to the Zone, so using old Zone software is not an option.

We have confirmed the issue with the following programs but others may also be affected:

· StarCraft
· Age of Empire I & II
· Quake II

Solution: The issue is currently under investigation.
Note: The issue is partially fixed, in that with most games, an ICS host can host a game, and a client and an external third party can join. There are still issues with a third party hosting the game, and an ICS host and Client joining the game.

Real Player 5 and G2 fail to connect on both client and host when ICS is enabled
Real Player 5 and G2 fail to connect on both client and host when ICS is enabled intermittently. This primary affects streaming video. By default, Real Player is set to use TCP and UDP and to automatically find the best transport.

Solution: Disable ICS, which Real Player uses to connect on the host. To enable or disable ICS, right-click the ICS icon on the taskbar, and then click the appropriate setting.

Note: This currently appears to be fixed. If you encounter any of these issues in an ICS environment, please post to appropriate newsgroup; see Microsoft.beta.millennium.ics.

Windows Media Player
Video streaming using Windows Media Player over 300K connections is currently working. If you encounter any of these issues in an ICS environment, please post to appropriate newsgroup; see Microsoft.beta.millennium.ics

DPLAY still needs integrated with ICS.
Dplay is not yet completely integrated with ICS, so ICS clients and host may have problems playing games with third party Internet players.
Solution: This issue is currently under investigation.

Home Networking Issues (HNW)

File and Print sharing enabled disables sharing of Shared Documents folder when HNW is ran on Mill host.
This bug repros if the user has file and printer sharing installed before running HNW. If the user does not have file and printer sharing enabled before running HNW, everything is fine. If the user does have file and printer sharing enabled before running HNW, it takes 2 or 3 times executions of HNW to actually share the folder, and the folder then never appears shared, even when it finally is. The behavior is the same with an autoinstall as with a regular install; if the user unselects File and Print sharing after an auto install which installs F&P sharing, it works. Conversely, if the user performs a regular install and adds F&P sharing, then runs Netconn, the bug repros.
This issue is currently under investigation. The workaround for now is to ensure that File and Printer Sharing is disabled before running the HNW.

Universal Plug N Play
· The extent of discovery of devices is limited to those on a local subnet. That is, the SSDP Multicast TTL = 1.
· Must use Client for Microsoft Networks as the logon.
· If “Browse in a New Process” option is selected, then UPnP devices will be visible only from the My Network Places folder on the desktop, and not using Windows Explorer
· If ICS is enabled, then events will not be received from an event source not on the home network
· UPnP device specific icon is not displayed in the UI, instead a generic icon is.


Yahoo’s Companion toolbar will not run this build of Windows Millennium Edition.
If you upgrade a system with Yahoo Companion to Windows Millennium Edition, the toolbar will not appear nor will you be able to reinstall. The issue will be fixed before the final version of Millennium Edition.