Windows Longhorn newest info XPSE

Thanks to xStainDx for the heads up in BPN on our forums.
He has found some documentation on Windows Codenamed Longhorn, the new Windows planned to follow XP. Microsoft have been keeping mum about this, not letting on if Longhorn will be XPSE (read: Second Edition) or a major upgrade and advancement.

We can reveal today that there will be some major advancements in compliance and driver support for Longhorn with an addition to securing the OS and making it more central to the home PC. For example: Taken from h3-longhorn_preview_winhec.doc
ADVANCES: Broadcast and video components meet reliability and stability requirements
New built-in driver support is being planned for Windows Longhorn. Support planned at this time includes a new class driver for USB video cameras.
Proposed requirements include the following:

For any device that provides end-user capabilities for transfer of digital content, expose the device schema so that Windows can support seamless content…