Windows logon screen keeps coming up? How do I stop it?

I am running windows XP Home Sp2…

I have had this problem for the past couple days… When my computer is sitting idle and i am not using after a while the windows logon(the screen where you choose which user you want to log in with) just comes up.

I know for sure it is not going into standby because I am using Nero Vision Express to do some encoding. All the processes keep going. I checked the power settings and it is on “always on”. Everything says never even standby.

I have not installed any programs recently so I can’t be that…
Could Microsoft Antispyware program be affecting my computer… thats is the only thing I can think of cuz it recently updated.

The other thing is when I powered up my computer it would just automatically log me into my account, there is no password(i know this is not good but its convenient) so it takes me straight to the desktop without logging in. But now it does not do that, it stops at the user login screen when I only have one user account on the computer.

Any help would be appreciated… thank you

Computer Specs…
2.2Ghz P4 Gateway 600 Notebook
512 RAM
Win XP Home sp2
Symantec Antivirus
Microsoft Antispyware

Go to Windows Control Panel / User Accounts / Change the way users log on or off, and untick fast user switching or use welcome screen one of those options will do it just can’t remember which one. HTH. :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have installed the Microsoft .NET Framework update.
Either uninstall it from Add/Remove Programs or go back to Windows Update and pull down the Service Pack update for .NET Framework.

Thanks for the help, nemesys. Worked perfectly first time.

Here is another trick ----->

  1. Click START
  2. Click RUN
  3. type----> control userpasswords2
  4. Click OK
  5. Click on your logon name
  6. Once highlighted, UNTICK the tick in the checkbox above
  7. Click APPLY
  8. Another opoup box will appear, just click OK
    Restart :slight_smile:

hahah i had the same situation hahah its funny sort of beacuase of the comments that i read hahah anyways
the problem occurs after you get a virus
the things that happen in the situation is it blocks the task manger and so on
the solution of the problem is First off, boot your computer from your Windows XP restore cd/OS cd, when the menu comes up hit the R key to get to the recovery prompt.

The prompt should start off at C:\Windows. Type cd system32. The prompt should now read C:\Windows\system32

Type: copy userinit.exe wsaupdater.exe


Go to Windows Control Panel / User Accounts / Change the way users log on or off, and untick fast user switching

This worked for me too… Thanks… I am greatly appreciative.


There is a windows update that creates an inactive user account calles “Aspinet” or some such user account.

If you go to user accounts as described above and you see this user account delete the account.
And the login screen disappears.

Not that it is relevant to the OP now as the original post dreged up from the past is from 2005…

So I won’t suggest tht thay upgrade to XP-sp3…