Windows Log On

I work for a company that requires logging on windows 2000 but when i want them to press ctrl alt and delete i want a pop up box to come up and to say a message.

Any Ideas on how to do this???

I think its the same in Windows2000 as it is in WindowsXP!

Yes there is.

start-> run -> type gpedit.msc(without the word type),
when the group policy starts go to double click on the computer configuration, double click the windows settiings, double click the security settings, then local policies, then security options, in this area you might find what you are looking for, i believe the ctrl-alt-del is under interactive logins, there are about 8 items that are interactive. There is a message text and message title for users attempting to logon. If you need more help affter here let me know

Thnks for that :):):slight_smile:

not a problem, glad to be able to help!!