Windows locks up on scratched cd/dvd media


i’ve been having this problem for quite some time now, and it’s driving me nuts.

It happens with different vendor drives, so it’s not drive related. It also happens pretty rarely. Typical scenario:

i pop in cd/dvd with video files, and start playing one of them with media player. I notice it’s being read very poorly, so i try to close media player, but it hangs. I eject the cd/dvd, but to no use - all the applications start to hang since the moment, when i try to close them. i also cant start any new ones… ctrl+alt+del doesnt work anymore, shutdown/restart doesnt happen, nothing can be done, i have to press reset…

has anyone experienced anything similar?

I have a similar question, and I think the causes are related: whenever I read data from a cd/dvd with reading problems (scratched, old), Windows freezes. The system starts to work normally when - finally - the drive gets past the damaged area or a reading error message pops up.

Is this “normal”, a bug, or something that can be solved using some hidden setting ?