Windows LIve Messenger 2009

hey guys i have this problem i used this msn messenger before and i had no problems in it and i also used messenger plus for additional features now when i installed this new messenger i got from the msn site its is not working i installed it and did all things correctlly and now when i sign in after 1 minute i get an error it says that Windows Live Communication Platform has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience blah blah its a long one its the error with send error report abd don’t send buttons
so can u help me guys because i like the visual style of this one so i need it plz help me fix this problem will be thankfull to you

by Mr.S

What is the version of 2009 live that you are using? Also a you can do a uninstall and reinstall it being that sometimes that might fix the problem. Also what version of O/S are you using? Also a error posting does help in finding out what might be causing the problems. Did you have any problems with previous live messenger versions?? The only current version I know of is from softpedia

Windows Live Messenger 2009 14.0.8050.1202

If you using beta version I would uninstall those and not use beta unless your testing and debugging beta version.

oh ya i m using this one soo can i fix this problem or i have to use the old one
and i didnt have ny problems in the old one

I would stay with version Windows Live Messenger 2009 14.0.8050.1202. I know on the net I did find a version Windows Live Messenger 2009 14.0.8050.1207?? But I don’t trust brother site I would stay with a more known site from softpedia site. There nothing wrong with using the one I linked to I download many updates from their site including live messenger 8 That I currently use…but will update to 9 soon here. If you having problem with Live I would uninstall of it and restart and reinstall the latest live messenger and see if that will work better. Usually uninstalling, reboot and reinstall fixes most problems.

i downloaded the link you gave me and it also dosent work the same problem

and now when i m instaling the old one 8.5 it says uninstall the older version first from add and remove programs and there is no such option like unsinstall windows live messenger because i already did and now i cant even install the old one

in the first line i mean newere version not older version

and ya i did uninstall it completed and then still it was there i dunno how then i deleted the directory now i cant even install the old one so plz help me guys

seems like it didn’t remove all registry entries when uninstalling.
open regedit and navigate to


if you find a key named “windows live messenger” delete it. that should fix the problem. there are other places in the registry you can look for leftovers but first try this.
and don’t delete any key if you are not completely sure it belongs to the live messenger.

no use dude can u show me other ways plz

and ya i have another problem also i cant bring my media player to mini mode becaus i dont have the option in the toolbars menu can u show me how to do it plz

ok than have a look in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE for any leftovers. if you don’t find anything there look for a path to the executable in
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths

not sure about the media player… do you mean the toolbar that appears when you minimize wmp? you can add it to the taskbar when you do a right click on an empty spot in the taskbar. then select toolbar and check windows media player


forgot to mention when you look at the app paths key try to find the exe that belongs to windows live messenger. you won’t find it with it’s complete name.

done still no use
the problem is i dunt have any msgr in my computer but when i try to install the 8.5 version it says messenger already installed and the others like live toolbar and etc are not i installled them all still no sign

Report back on Messenger 2009…it stinks doesn’t work a flick…I did install the lastest version of messenger 2009 and it couldn’t connect. So I just rebooted my computer back to messenger 8.5 live and login from 8.5. This version was able to connect to my live email and messenger. I think there is something seriously wrong with messenger 2009. Anyone having this version should if they can go back to 8.5. It keep saying something wrong with client but I know 8.5 worked so what did they change to mess up messenger from 8.5 to 9???

ahan ok no probs i did a reinstallation to 8.5 will wait for the full version of 2009 to come thx tcx

allot of people dont know this but the solution is very simple :
i dont know for vista but it works on xp pro and home

XP :
Close Windowslive messenger completely

got to
your Local Settings :
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings << if you are not the administrator go in your own files

then open Application Data
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data

then there you will see a Microsoft folder:
Open it and go to:
Windows Live Contacts

once you opened the Windows Live Contacts folder :
exapt for the desktop file DELETE EVERYTHING !

now close everything and run windows live messenger again and have fun