Windows key leak threatens mass piracy

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A volume licensing key of Microsoft Windows
Server 2003 has been leaked to the internet enabling users to use a pirated
version of the new Operating System of Microsoft. A…

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There are a lot of rumors going on that Microsoft intentionally let the key loose , so that it has another motivation to endorse privacy , control and other big brother items inside their software (DRM anyone). The key has even been posted on slashdot website (look in the comments).

just being a little facetious but if it “threatens mass piracy” isnt that a good thing for microsoft? anything that is threatening towards global piracy is a good thing for microsoft id think…

So the pirate users won’t be able to use windows update. Boo hoo. But why bother - if you want a free OS there are better ones than MS, and you can’t get sued for it.

I think Saddam done it. So lets bomb the bugger! NO NO NO …I really meant to say Microshaft done it and they bugger everyone.:slight_smile:

Stop using Microshit and start using Mandrake, Red Hat or Debian LOL

April 6: MS releases the corporate edition of Windows Server 2003. April 7: FTFISO releases Windows.Server.2003.3.in1.Corporate-FTFiSO which doesn’t require activation. Straight from Microsoft this CD includes: - Windows 2003 Server Enterprise. - Windows 2003 Server Standard. - Windows 2003 Server Web. WinBeta.Org ripped all activation files from the Corporate Edition CD. Using these files one can change ANY version of the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (RTM, MSDN, OEM) into one that does NOT require activation. These files already circulate online, I have seen myself a working download link (just don’t need this OS, so didn’t download), file size is appr. 14 mbs.
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From earlier articles I’ve read, Microsoft would prefer users to run a pirated copy of the OS over another OS or other PC type such as a MAC. The main reason: They can publish claims such as ‘95% of the world’s PCs are using Microsoft Products’, even if lets say 50% are using unlicensed copies. Where as if they have successfully killed of pirated versions of recent Windows versions, then this would force users who are not willing (or cannot afford) to purchase Windows to move to another OS and could put up stiff competition against Microsoft. Microsoft wouldn’t want this :wink:
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