Windows keeps freezing

I have a MSI MS-7061 motherboard that i just bought. I am currently trying to install windows on my IDE Maxtor 40G hdd. On this motherboard there is both IDE and SATA so im not sure if it dose not support XP. When i try to install Windows it freezes when it says starting up windows. I have tried also disconnecting my hdd and also replacing it . On top of that i have tried 3 different versions of XP that i have,Ubuntu and also Windows 2000 please any help would be appreciated

WinXP should work fine for any PATA controller, unless you are using the raid controller.

My first guess would be the HDD has bad sectors and is dying.
But it could also be Ram, Video Card, Optical Drive, or other rogue devices causing issues, or you might not have detected the HDD correctly in bios …

my hdd is perfectly good and bios is seeing my hdd correctly how do i know if im using the raid drivers

[QUOTE=zrafferty;2407246]my hdd is perfectly good and bios is seeing my hdd correctly how do i know if im using the raid drivers[/QUOTE]

Not always that just says it can read the HDD info don’t mean it works. If you really want to make sure hook that HDD to another computer if it can see or reformat it then it works. You do know some motherboard still use the Floppy disk to load the motherboard drivers right??? Did you read your motherboard manual when you bought it? If not that might be time to crack it open and read through it.

Сheck the memory elements. Also probably outdated BIOS version.

the mother board is brand new so and the hdd came out of one of my other computer whichworks so i know there is nothing wrong woth that hdd and i re partion my hdd ever few months

Run Memtest86 for a few full passes to make certain your memory is good. You can run it from either a cd or floppy, and you don’t need the operating system installed.

You should see zero errors…any error is bad news. You can find it here: