Windows iTunes reactions ranges from praising to PC crashing issues

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  Shortly  after Apple launched their Windows version        of their iTunes software, they have served a large number  of downloads of their Windows software. ...
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Tried to take mine over even after during the install process I told it I didn’t want it to be the default player. Have 1GB of RAM and it told me that there wasn’t enough memory. My advice to Stevie, either start supporting windows fully or quit making half assed efforts.

2 services are added when you install itunes. GEARSecurity and iPod Service. It also sets ITunesHelper to load with windows through the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun

It’s ok, not really the greatest written windows app ever though. I think the new Winamp is more useable for listening and surfing.

“I’ve been using iTunes at work for a couple years now and love it.” I have to admit, using a software that was released April 28th, 2003 for “a couple of years” already is a pretty darn impressive thing this guy would fit perfectly in the US govt.

He was referring to the Mac version. “I am thrilled that iTunes for Windows is exactly the same as the Mac version.”

one doesnt even need to bother the GEAR CDRW service installed on 2K/XP, which could safely be diasabled to your liking; and only a non-removable notice box pop up on entering the program; thats the grip. The coolest part is the automatic DB equalization across all items in the music library, and it use only 3% CPU util whenplaying 256Kbps MP3s. :X

2 things sucks apart from the services :r …: * The vizualisation… -> 100% cpu on my XP@2000MHz * Memory… man this thing takes 50Megs before I even asked him to do anything. So f*** these services… too bad we can’t also disable this stupid Quicktime icon in the taskbar…:c

You CAN disable the quicktime icon :slight_smile: but it seems you haven’t found out how :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve got 1GB ram too and got a memory error too, it turned out to be my add-busting proxy server, I disabled it for the apple site and it worked after that. Would be nice if the software would let you use a different proxy setting then just taking whatever IE uses.

NOT IMPRESSED!¬ Finally got to install it (doesn’t work on 98 - no idea why seeing as it has no advanced features). VERY few options, very little power, very little of anything. This is far too basic and I’m not impressed - just as well it’s free because it’s too basic to charge for! Media Jukebox 9.1 ( is a LOT more powerful, has more options, and can do a LOT more. This just fell way short of the mark already set by current jukeboxes. NO idea why it’s such a large download for such a basic jukebox!

KopyKat - yeah, so am I the Mac version was released April 28th 2003

iTunes has been out on the Macs for a couple of years now since early 01.

OK, I must admit that iTunes is not able to wash your car and to speed up your computer by 500 %.javascript:smilie(’;)’) :wink: But you get the most intuitive media player available + a free mp3 encoder.

I just installed iTunes and it does not work with a proxy server. It doesn’t even support the MS ISA Proxy Client which normally does a great job of rerouting software that doesn’t have proxy support through ISA proxy. I guess no iTunes for me at work :stuck_out_tongue: