Windows Installation Mouse Problems

Hi, I have a BIG problem. My windows installation failed on me a little while ago and the only choice was to reinstall windows (XP Home Edition, in-place reinstalltion) So everthing was going well until Windows started to install the devices, suddenly my mouse and keyboard went down, and I can’t do a thing. The windows installation is active, and not stalled but I can’t control it… because my keyboard and mouse don’t work. I tried different keyboards and mice(both USB and usual input):stuck_out_tongue: but it still doesn’t work. I can’t acces my control panel because Windows isn’t installed. Also, my keyboard works fine in my BIOS, and i (THINK) my settings are fine…please Help!!!

SPECS: DELL 8850 2,4 Ghz 768 MB RAM 120 GB Hard Drive Video: Radeon 9700