Windows Home Server 'Vail' beta now public



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The Microsoft public beta release of Windows Home Server “Vail” was made available on Monday, as the company moves forward by including better media streaming, backup apps and other new features.

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Bah …
My home server is just using WinXP pro X32 + PS3 Media server + File sharing …
After PMS refused to work in Ubuntu properly (transcoding) and there was no appreciable difference in speed (ubuntu was slightly slower actually) for network transfers … and remote desktopping is easier without using 3rd party software.

And dedicated NAS distros failed miserably to do what I wanted …

Seems stable enough, for something which automatically shutsdown at 1am every morning, and reboots at 6pm (30minutes before I get home) every night :wink:


I’m just waiting for the Fail jokes to begin…


[QUOTE=BussyB;2513987]I’m just waiting for the Fail jokes to begin…[/QUOTE] The ail in Vail is what will make it fail? :stuck_out_tongue:


Windows Home Server is definitely cool, I just don’t think it’s going to catch on with the mainstream. For tech-savvy folks, yes, sure, but for a majority of consumers? I think not.


[QUOTE=debro;2513972]And dedicated NAS distros failed miserably to do what I wanted …[/quote] I gotta say that FreeNAS, although version 0.69, works flawlessly for me.

FreeNAS has been a webserver, ftp server, torrent client, picture library, Xbox 360 media portal (with automatic transcoding), music server (could also serve as Itunes server), file server and backup server for more than 4 years now. And all that on a Pentium III machine with 256Megabytes of RAM. Energy saving settings reduce the power consumption.

The machine emails me when something is wrong (temperature, disk full, illegal access, etc) and has been rebooted about 10 times in those four years. All were because i wanted it to reboot.